General Information

Largely removed from the often dangerous ongoings of Middle-earth, The Shire is a lush, green, quaint homeland for the majority of hobbits. Filled to bursting with cheerful residents, inns, taverns and locals celebrating their eleventy-first birthday - The Shire is quite the party paradise.

The hobbits are renowned for their love of feasting, and regularly spend several days eating and drinking mead. Holidays to note include Lithe - Midsummer celebration lasting four days - and Yuletide, an epic six-day winter extravaganza.

Please note: The Shire is a bartering community. Tools of trade and food items are used regularly as currency. However, pence is an accepted form of currency when purchasing ale and food.

At a glance

  • Home to Middle-earth’s greatest ale

  • Year-round celebrations

  • Popular vineyards

  • Bustling regions

Where to stay

Where better to enjoy your breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper than surrounded by the lush greenery of The Shire.

old inn on eel alley

Please note: Height restrictions may apply to those taller than 3 feet 6 inches. Please check with the agency before booking.

The Green Dragon Inn

old inn on eel alley
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Rooms from £5 per night

The hugely popular inn, located in Bywater and exceptionally close to Hobbiton, is frequented by almost all travellers to The Shire. The precise date the inn was founded is unknown, but what we can tell you is that the likes of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee have all enjoyed the food, drink and atmosphere at The Green Dragon Inn.

There are several quaint and charming rooms available at the inn. Rooms feature comfortable beds, luggage storage, scenic views and housekeeping. Hot food and beverages are available at an additional charge. Shoes are optional.

Please note: A refundable deposit is required on check-in due to nefarious, previous occupants, and the inn reserves the right to keep the deposit without prior warning.

  • Plentiful Mead

  • Comfortable Beds

  • Luggage Storage

  • Parking

How to get there

Pre-order is required for horses, with pick-up available at The Green Dragon Inn and The Prancing Pony. Ponies and goats available for those under 3 foot.

What to see

1. Bywater

Located in the Westfarthing of The Shire, the Bywater village houses The Green Dragon Inn, hobbits and plenty parties for your holiday. Lined with hobbit holes, inns, quaint homes and rolling hills - Bywater is a touch of paradise, right by the water. Just south from the east road lies the route to take to visit neighbouring Hobbiton.

2. Hobbiton

Within the borders of Westfarthing lies Hobbiton - the biggest attraction in The Shire. The quiet, peaceful village boasts a number of hobbit holes, along with the famous Old Grande and Sandyman’s Mill. Additionally, Bag End can be found in Hobbiton, where you can visit the former homes of the famous ring-bearers, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins.

3. Michel Delving

The chief town of The Shire is considered the ‘capital’. Hobbit holes are interspersed with buildings above ground - ideal for those taller than 3 foot. Don’t forget to visit the Town Hole - home to the Mayor of Michel Delving - and Mathom Hose, where the hobbits collect and display ‘mathoms’ or items that have no particular use.

4. Buckland

Originally independent from The Shire, Buckland is now recognised as part of the region - offering plenty of attractions to keep you entertained. The childhood home of Frodo Baggins has certainly lived up to its reputation as a popular destination for travellers, with locals enjoying the likes of boating and swimming. Some hobbits have even been known to wear shoes in Buckland…

5. Bree

While not officially part of The Shire, Bree can be reached in around one day and regularly welcomes hobbits - particularly from buzzing Buckland. Located on the most important crossroads in the north, there are many inns to welcome travellers - although the area is still relatively untouched by tourists. Serving up tasty ale and food, and a warm, comfortable bed after a day of travelling - there’s little wonder Bree is becoming increasingly popular.


What to eat

The vineyards, pipe-weed, sweet treats and ale will keep your stomach full throughout the entire duration of your holiday.



1 seed cake

Ale is a primary source of nutrition in The Shire, with alehouses and inns located in each village. Many hobbits gather together in the local inns to barter their belongings in exchange for money over a refreshing pipe-weed - an art the hobbits have perfected over time.

seed cake

Seed Cake

2 pence

This local delicacy, a fluffy cake filled with caraway seeds, is available at almost every inn and hobbit hole. As mentioned above, it’s encouraged to barter possessions as opposed to using coins, and you can exchange family heirlooms and trinkets for a delicious slice of seed cake.


The hobbits and The Shire, in particular, are well-known for their love of partying - so you’ll be in good company. Any excuse to celebrate, and The Shire will do so. If you are looking for dates for your holiday, we suggest looking in early April - where the Party Field plays host to a great celebration - as well as Midsummer and Yuletide.

When it comes to inns, there’s certainly no shortage of ale. The Golden Perch Inn, in the Eastfarthing of The Shire, serves some of the best ale in The Shire. Likewise, The Floating Log is another pit-stop in Eastfarthing. If you are heading west for the night, we recommend visiting Ivy Bush - where hobbits from both Hobbiton and Bywater come to drink and socialise.

In Bree, you’ll not go far wrong with The Prancing Pony. This is a well-travelled inn due to its location on the major road of the Greenway, with plenty of hobbit-sized rooms should you over indulge on the ale.


Michel Delving: Mathom-House is situated in this village and is where hobbits display items that are no use. However, it is not unusual for visitors to exchange their belongings for items displayed in the ‘museum’.

Southfarthing: While well-known for its pipe-weed, Southfarthing is particularly noted for its vineyards - producing a strong red wine’ that is enough to keep you very merry throughout your trip.

Scary: Not quite as scary as you might think, as this village boasts plenty of stores stocked up with drink and food, which is regularly used by the hobbits for their Yuletide celebrations.



Silver Farthing, Fourpenny, Silver Penny
Brasslings, Buttons
Copperlings, Quarter

Renting a pony will cost, an average, of four silver pennies or £3.41.

Pipe-weed is favoured in The Shire, and can be used to exchange for food and drink, amongst many other items.

Rooms from £5 per night


I’ve enjoyed many a fine morning in The Shire with the hobbits, and would recommend for friends far and wide across Middle-earth. You shall pass.