General Information

Tatooine - the homeworld of Jedi legend, Luke Skywalker - is a desert planet located in the Outer Rim territory. Its two suns guarantee scorching days while three moons provide beautiful nighttime vistas. With vast shopping markets and plenty of packed watering holes - Tatooine offers a rough, ready and uninhibited holiday. The weather is always hot, the locals are an eclectic mix of species and, quite frankly, there’s no better place to enjoy a glass of Ardees than Tatooine.

At a glance

  • Hot weather

  • 'Blue' milk on tap

  • Home to the universally famous Chalmun’s Cantina

  • Legendary locals

Where to stay

If you’re on the hunt for cantinas, Sullustan staff, Wifi and, of course, parking for your dewback - Tatooine offers quality spots to stay for your holiday.

old inn on eel alley

Please note: Rooms start from 2,400 wupiupi (15 credits per night), but those prices are subject to change in peak season between May and August.

Spaceport Hotel

old inn on eel alley
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Rooms from 15 credits (£60) per night

The Spaceport Hotel is our most luxurious accommodation option in Tatooine. Established during the Rebellion Era and located within the heart of Mos Eisley, it caters to many tourists and locals.

The Spaceport Hotel offers 40 spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities, including sonic showers, air-conditioning, room service and free subspace comms (or Wifi for you offworlders). The staff - including welcoming Sullustans - are available 24/7, with the front desk capable of satisfying all manner of requests. Local charges may be applied to dock your dewback.

Please note: A refundable deposit is required on check-in due to nefarious, previous occupants, and the inn reserves the right to keep the deposit without prior warning.

  • Sonic Showers

  • Food & Drink

  • Subspace Comms

  • Parking

How to get there

Docking fee of 16,000 wupiupi applicable in Mos Espa, Mos Eisley and Mos Osnoe

What to see

1. Mos Eisley

The largest spaceport town and settlement on Tatooine offers plenty of activities for visitors. Around 60,000 people call this place home - split into the New Quarter and Old Quarter. The New Quarter is a haven for tourists, boasting Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina. The Old Quarter, on the other hand, is more traditional, boasting a thriving marketplace. As the largest of all districts, Mos Eisley has a steady flow of hotels, casinos and cantinas to keep you entertained throughout you holiday.

2. Mos Espa

This expansive spaceport is located near the Dune Sea. The former home of divisive figure, Anakin Skywalker, is a thriving district. Famous for its junk dealing, weaponry stores and former seasonal residence of the late Jabba the Hutt, this district provides a real taste for life on Tatooine. Mos Espa Grand Arena, boasting a capacity for 100,000 racing fans, is the legendary destination to celebrate Boonta’s Eve. You can also get seats to a public execution for as little as five wupiupi.

3. Beggar’s Canyon

This canyon is part of Tatooine legend - especially when it comes to trying your luck and flying through the narrow rock formations. Today, Beggar’s Canyon is home to landmarks including the treacherous Dead Man’s Turn and Diablo Cut. The dry river bed is at its best during Boonta’s Eve, where residents take part in the notorious Boonta Eve Classic race.

4. Dune Sea

The vast stretch of desert - once a great ocean - is an iconic attraction on Tatooine. Those who have an interest in history will find this place of substantial interest, particularly with plenty of fossil-bearing rocks and eroded canyons. Other points of interest in the Dune Sea are the Great Pit of Carkoon and Jabba’s Palace.

5. Jabba’s Palace

This palace is notorious around Tatooine - the former home and base of operations for crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. Now a memorial for the planet’s turbulent past, you can visit the throne room, the Great Room of the Enlightened, Alkhara’s Tower and subterranean passages. Below these dungeon levels, you can dig deeper into Tatooine’s history through the tunnels and chambers the B’Omarr monks once lurked.


What to eat

From the likes of 'blue' milk to frogs - Tatooine has food and drink options for even the fussiest of eaters.

bantha blue milk

Bantha ‘Blue’ Milk

200 wupiupi (£2)

The infamous Bantha 'Blue' Milk helps young boys and girls grow big and strong on Tatooine. Produced by female Banthas, the milk offers an authentic taste of the planet; also used as a base for other notable dishes, such as butter, ice cream and custard.

klatooine paddy frogs

Klatooine Paddy Frogs

100 wupiupi (£1)

While not native to Tatooine, the Klatooine Paddy Frogs were exported in bulk to satisfy the late crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. These frogs can still be found on the planet today.

buhha gourd

Hubba Gourd

100 wupiupi (£1)

The Hubba Gourd is the primary source of nourishment on Tatooine. The melon - translating to ‘the staff of life’ - is an eye-opener for tourists, particularly when it comes to the sour juice.


Nightlife in Tatooine is diverse, loud and an adventure from start to finish. Your first port of call is none other than Chalmun’s Cantina, located in Mos Eisley. This dimly-lit tavern is known for its tunes, diverse customers and, if you’re hungry for action, the occasional bust-up. Speaking of drinks, this bar serves up 12 regular drinks on tap. The most popular beverages include the likes of Bantha Milk, Tatooine Sunset, Jawa Juice, Yatooni Boska, Tatooni Junko and, of course, Hutt’s Delight.

Due to the large number of visitors, Mos Eisley is an excellent base for hotels, casinos and cantinas. The Lucky Despot, owned by Lady Valarian, is one example of a casino turned hotel - offering cheap drinks and a lively backdrop to your holiday.


Wald’s Parts: This junk shop is world-famous. Despite its size, the shop is well-stocked for droid technology and smaller machinery. Take home moisture vaporators, calibration devices, moobian torsion valves and even a droid lubrication bath. Larger vehicle parts - turbine engines, hyperdrives etc. - are kept outside.

Tosche Station: A power station and repair shop located near Anchorhead, on the Great Chott salt flat of Tatooine. The site features recharge facilities to keep your landspeeder ticking over, a sales office for those looking to snag some power converters, and, if you’re looking to add some high stakes to your holiday, a discreet games room.

Arms Emporium: Conveniently located in the centre of Mos Eisley on Paradise Road, you don’t have to look far to get your hands on some quality firepower. Owned by Masse Goskey, this weaponry dealing venue has enough arms to cater for all holiday guests; no matter your preferences.



Galactic Credits
Peggat, Trugut, Wupiupi

Docking fee for spaceships around £323 per night.

Local delicacy, Gorgs, are available for as little as 7 pence.

Tatooine Sunburn is served at many cantinas, costing £22.61 per glass.

Purchasing six dewbacks will set you back £22,000.

Rooms from £60 per night.


Do not recommend. I did not find the droids I was looking for.