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Luxor Hotels and Apartments

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The captivating city of Luxor lies towards the south of Egypt and is situated on the east bank of the River Nile. Luxor enjoys an incredible all year round climate with temperatures reaching over 35°C in summer months and rarely falling below 30°C during the evening.

Described as the ‘world’s greatest open air museum’ the city lies opposite the incredible Valley of Kings, home to some of the world’s most fascinating sights. You can see the Temple of Karnak and the impressive Pharaoh’s tombs. The city has more to offer than its historic past. Visitors can spend an afternoon haggling for bargains in the magical bazaars, take a cruise along the River Nile or wander down the narrow alleyways and spend a lazy afternoon in a traditional Egyptian coffee house.

Luxor is ideal for those seeking an enchanting break in Egypt.



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Luxor Reviews

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10/10 Amazing

30 December 2010

We love Luxor and have been many times

Busy, exciting, fraught, noisy, enfuriating but so worth the visit. History to delight.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Its a living ancient city and the sun shines

10/10 Amazing

21 November 2011

luxor is great...

.... but avoid the tourist traps, pickpockets and kaleshi drivers who all make for a very tiring day. Get around the backstreets and see the real shops and people, not just the buzzards and sharks who are out to make luxor look like a cheap creepy place, which it obviously is not.

The best thing about my stay was ...

History and the real people

10/10 Amazing

13 June 2013

Luxor - biggest museum in the world

Amazing place - so much to see in the area. (But best not to plan on doing too much in summer, due to extreme heat!) We've been 10 times and never even a hint of trouble - it's hundreds of miles from Cairo!

The best thing about my stay was ...

4000 yrs of history!

10/10 Amazing

20 November 2011

lively, fun but could be seen as psychological warfare by UN

"Hello - remember me? We talked last night" (we had just arrived) "Where you from?" followed by dozens of other questions designed to make you talk to the Kaleshi (drivers of the horse (walking glue) drawn carriages). Being new we were polite and just said no thanks. Eventually you get away only for the same thing, with the same script etc start up 10 yards down the road. This on a road 2 miles long..........!!! If the army did this to prisoners you would have a good case for psychological warfare. And this is EVERY time you dare walk anywhere! But in amongst this detrius are some really lovely people. The sights are great and the bustle is lovely. Just avoid the 'tourist' areas and NEVER walk on the Cornish. Dont go to the tourist tat market by the Luxor Temple. Instead walk along the river, past McDonalds to the next corner. Turn left and then right and there is a wonderful local market where you can actually say "No thanks - just looking" and get a smile back and a reply "you are welcome" . You are then left alone and not repeated hassled. If anyone - especially kids - approach you with something to sell like papyrus or t-shirts, hold on to your wallets and bags because as sure as they are breathing, they are pick-pockets. They use the stuff they are holding to cover their hands. Take several days to look round. There is far too much to see on a day trip. Hire a car or a motorbike or, if very fit, a push bike. The motorbike option is great. The traffic is easy - yes, some of the drivers are unpredictable but they care as much about their cars and safety as anyone - and out of Luxor proper traffic is almost non-existant. A trip via the bridge to the valley of Kings takes about an hour and you get so see the real people and sights of Egypt, not just the totally unregulated vultures who prey on the tourists and give Egypt such a bad name.

The best thing about my stay was ...

History and the people (all bar tourist touts and Kaleshi Drivers)

8/10 Great

20 January 2013

Great resort-

Luxor is interesting because of the themples and sight around the city. city itself has nothing to offer apart from uncivil behavior of taxidrivers, caleche taxis, aggresive streetvendors or children trying to cheat, lie and harrass you.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Temples and museums

8/10 Great

28 October 2010

Historic, sunny and fascinating setting

The town itself is not particularly attractive, although its Nile setting gives it charm. It is close to amazing sites (Valley of the Kings, Karnak), and we also did a day-trip to the Red Sea, for snorkelling and swimming. Hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings was a real treat, and we also went quad-biking in the desert. Visit Ace animal care hospital, and go star-gazing with Space Observers. Sunrise Tours were very good and reasonable for trips.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Its location

8/10 Great

18 November 2011


Go outside the hotels and beyond the hassle in the street to discover the real people and the real Luxor, a mystical, magical place!

The best thing about my stay was ...

The tranquil beauty of the Nile flowing past the Valley of the Kings.

8/10 Great

23 June 2018

Very good

Holiday was everything we have come to expect from the sonesta.

The best thing about my stay was ...


2/10 Okay

23 August 2010


Spoilt by the continuing hassle of the locals. There were not many tourists so were not able to wander around without having the feeling we were being attacked by vultures. One trip to the town was enough and spent half of the time having tea in the Winter Palace hotel. The trip to the West Bank was very interesting but also many locals trying to push their goods in our faces. People would be more willing to buy something if they were not so penetrant.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Escaping back to the hotel