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British holidaymakers name ‘finding a good restaurant’ as their first priority on holiday.

British holidaymakers name ‘finding a good restaurant’ as their first priority on holiday.

A recent survey has shown that the main priority of British holiday makers upon arrival is finding a good restaurant. The survey, carried out by, reveals that finding somewhere to eat is the top priority of 31% of 6,095 holiday makers, closely followed by finding a good beach (27%). Finding a good bar (19%) and good supermarket (16%) were also popular answers, whilst shopping (5%) and visiting nightclubs (1%) trailed behind. Other answers included a golf course, the swimming pool, and friendly members of hotel staff.


Given that respondents were keen to find a good restaurant, it is perhaps unsurprising that 51% of respondents loved to eat the local foods, with a further 41% being happy to try them. Only 8% wanted to stick to their usual foods, and 59% of respondents stated the importance of eating healthily whilst on holiday.

One of the top priorities during the holiday for a staggering 80% of holidaymakers was rest and relaxation, followed by the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family (41%). Other important factors during a holiday included getting to know a new destination (37%) and getting a sun tan (31%).


So, what have we learnt? It’s clear that you need to find a resort with plenty of good restaurants where you can try the local delicacies. Make sure you read the customer reviews for each destination for handy tips on what’s around and where to eat!


Survey undertaken by in July 2011. A total of 6,095 responses were received.


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