Your Home Is Your Castle: Keeping It Safe Whilst You’re Away

Before every trip away there’s always that blind panic when you’re half way to the airport. Did you leave the iron on? The garage door was definitely locked wasn’t it? You made sure the bathroom window was closed…

It goes on, all the way until that moment you’re lay on a beach soaking up the sun, forgetting about the rest of the world around you. Or at least trying.

Home security can really play on people’s minds whilst away and can often hinder a person’s experience abroad. But rather than fret and continually ring home to check in with the in-laws who you’ve been sending round twice a day to check the front door is still on its hinges, here are some basic steps to make your home more secure and your mind at rest…

Make Sure You’re Insured

First things first, no matter whether you’re on holiday or not make sure you have home insurance. If the worst case scenario did occur and there was a problem with your home whilst you were away, then there would be nothing worse than not being able to replace your belongings.

It could mean you lose everything, which would make being burgled or whatever the issue ten times worse.

Make It Look Like You’re Home

Many people do many different things to make it seem like they’re at home when they’re actually away. Common practice is leaving lights on; however, this not only ups the cost of your electricity bill but also looks a little odd and can be a dead giveaway that nobody is home.

A better method would be to install a light switch timer to ensure that they come on at appropriate times of the day so that the activity suggests to criminals there is someone in the house.

Other ways of making it look like you’re home is simply keeping your home well maintained before you go. Mowing the lawn just before you go gives a sense that someone is home much more than overgrowing grass, and if you get neighbours to water the plants this will also have a similar effect compared to wilting flowers.

Closing curtains is another common mistake made by people heading away on holiday. Nothing says you’re not home more than closed curtains throughout the day. Whilst it may stop burglars from looking in, it also stops neighbours, friends, and family from doing the same when checking up on your home.

Think About Avoiding Social Media

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We know everybody loves a selfie, or showcasing holiday snaps whilst having the trip of a lifetime, but do you actually know who may be reading your posts?

Whilst we aren’t suggesting a blanket ban on social media, it may be worth considering what sort of details you’re willing to post. If you’re going away for a long weekend in Rome or an all inclusive holiday to Benidorm, perhaps the worst thing you can do is update a status just before you go telling the world that.

Ensure your profiles are limited to just family and friends, otherwise you could be advertising your home to hundreds of strangers who could find this information particularly appealing.

Unplug Your Electronics

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Many appliances still use power despite being switched off so pulling the plug on them is a great way to save energy and cut down on energy bills whilst you’re away.

However, it will also give you peace of mind as you’ll know for a fact that you didn’t leave the iron on, and the TV most certainly isn’t on standby. Essentially this saves on any worries you may have of electricals going haywire.

Unplugging everything is the easiest way to put your mind at rest and the easiest thing to do to make your home that little bit safer.

Add Extra Security

Many of us can be a little lax when it comes to home security and remembering to put the burglar alarm on, but going away could be just the nudge you need to make home safer. Setting an alarm is an absolute must – letting neighbours, friends, or anyone coming to check up on the house know the code of course – whilst there are a number of other ways to add extra security.

CCTV is becoming more and more popular with homeowners and deters thieves immensely as you can catch their every move should they break in. Burglars will undoubtedly pass on a home with CCTV as it’s an extra chance of them being caught in and around your property when they shouldn’t be there.

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