Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers: the best Christmas sun destinations

4 Fridays until Christmas! For most of us this means decorating the tree, drinking lots of mulled wine, mince pies galore, sparkly lights at every turn and digging out those lovely, loose trousers (think Joey Tribbiani in Phoebe’s maternity pants).


Oh and not forgetting your amazing Christmas jumpers (you say ugly, I say amazing!).

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But wait… there is an alternative, should you choose to pursue it. A warmer, sunnier, less clothes and more sun cream kind of Christmas. Yes, snuggling indoors with a log fire and festive treats you’d usually never eat (figs, dates, powdery Turkish delight, those chocolates that look like shells, sherry…mmmm) is lovely, but so are swimming pools, golden sand, Christmas sun and temperatures far above and beyond the freezing we can expect.

Here are our top five winter warmer destinations, each of which is a sunny delight and a grand alternative to our scarves-and-wellies Christmas.

The Canaries

winter warmers

Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote; these four beautiful Canary islands get year-round sunshine and lovely temperatures to match. The flight time is relatively short (about 3-4 hours) so waving goodbye to our dreary December couldn’t be easier. These islands are popular with other travellers seeking some Christmas sun so expect there to be lots of activities to enjoy during your stay. Each island has different things to offer so do some research and choose the best winter warmer island for you!

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Dubai is famous for gorgeous hotels, excellent shopping, fine dining and lovely warm weather all year round. Expect an average temperature of around 21°C (and think of us whilst we’re shivering away at home around the freezing mark). If you’re still craving turkey and some cheeky pigs in blankets then worry not, a lot of hotels will hold spectacular Christmas gala meals and you’ll probably spot a few beautifully decorated lobbys too.

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Christmas sun destinations

If you’re after some proper Christmas sunshine then head to what is surely the polar opposite of our cold, frosty winter… the desert! Sharm el Sheikh boasts an average Decemeber temperature of 19°C and with the beautiful Red Sea and golden beaches beckoning, you’ll feel a million miles away from a traditional Christmas back at home. The hotels and local restaurants put on special meals and celebrations during the festive period, so dress up and enjoy Christmas without an inch of snow in sight.

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Christmas sun destinations

Swap white snowflakes for white sand in our fourth winter warmer destination… Cancun. Famed for its powder-soft beaches and bright cyan sea, Cancun is the perfect place to warm those winter cockles whilst the temperature drops back at home. With a fantastic average temperature of 24°C in December, you can enjoy popular holiday activities such as golf or taking a dip in the sea. Look out for  massive festive parties thrown by some of the big hotels, with live entertainment, huge buffets and drinks galore.

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Christmas sun destinations
Go tropical this winter and completely overhaul Christmas by celebrating it in beautiful Thailand. If the average winter temperature of 27°C can’t tempt you then I’m sure the incredible beaches, stunning scenery and party atmosphere might. Make sure you share all of your amazing beach photos on Facebook and Twitter to show just how fun a no-cold-nose-no-cold-toes Christmas can be.

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