Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be To Travel More

The new year is upon us and we’re sure the resolutions that you’ve made you’ll almost certainly have broken already. No chocolate for 12 months? You can’t fool us…

So why not set a resolution today, that not only will be fun for you, but you’d be a fool not to keep up with?

2016 should be your year of travel. The year you travel to wild and wonderful destinations. Where you explore new cultures, new cuisines, new beaches to while away the hours away from the stresses of work.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

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Naturally any new year’s resolution can be hard, even if it’s treating yourself to a ton of holidays. Here’s how to make sure you stick to a travel-fuelled 2016 and most probably have the time of your life…

Build Your Fund

Of course, the main thing which may trip you up and be detrimental in your bid to travel could be money. First of all set your sights on what and where you can afford, whether that be one big trip somewhere, or a variety of mini trips spread across the year.

Living a little more frugally when you are at home will contribute greatly towards this. Try and save a few pounds a day and it will soon mount up, cut back on nights out or perhaps items of clothing you don’t particularly need.

If you can set a budget for how much you’ll spend at each destination then even better, and half the battle will be won on making this next year one to remember.

Ensure You Have Your Own Agenda

You know your hobbies and interests more than any travel blog or travel agent so ensure you’re choosing destinations that suit you, not ones just because they come highly recommended. For example, if you’re not a lover of architecture, then there’s probably little point exploring Prague despite many, including us, admiring its beauty. Likewise, if you do enjoy a beach break and wish to spend a holiday in Lanzarote or on a sun-kissed island, it’s probably worth ignoring a city break guide.

What it is worth doing is writing down a list of all the things you love and researching destinations around those. You’ll often find blogs with guides on all sorts of destinations off-the-beaten track, or looking a little deeper into the likes of Paris, Amsterdam, or Stockholm, including ours, which are well worth discovering before making your mind up on a destination.

Additionally, the more you focus down your ideas, the more determined you will be to visit. Try and narrow your agenda down to specific cities, as this will not only help you budget, with you knowing exactly which airport to fly into, but also you’ll be able to pin down events and decide which will be the best time of the year to go.

Find The Right Time

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As just mentioned, finding the best time of year to go is important. The last thing you want to do is visit Edinburgh the week before the Fringe or arrive in Rio just in time to see the carnival packing up.

Once you’ve got your destinations in place take a look events you would love to see, or perhaps even wish to avoid. For example, visiting Paris or France in June this year won’t be the greatest decision you’ve ever made if you don’t like football with Euro 2016 taking place during this period. Check out what you can enjoy.

Visit the south of France in May if you’re a film buff and enjoy the buzz of Cannes, or perhaps discover Barcelona in the early stages of June if you love the sounds of bands such as Arcade Fire, Blur, and The Cure with Primavera Sound taking place in the Diagonal Mar area of the city.

It’s events such as these which add to the excitement of travelling and, let’s face it make every one back home very jealous.

Get Started!

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Perhaps the most important thing you can do is get started on your travels. It’s common knowledge the longer it takes to do something, the less likely it’s going to get done.

By booking a trip instantly, or perhaps if you have plenty of money saved up, you can book your entire schedule for the year and give yourself so much to look forward to.

The committing is the hardest thing, but then again, New Year’s Resolutions aren’t meant to be easy are they?

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