Which Is The Right Caribbean Holiday For You?

Which Is The Right Caribbean Holiday For You?

The Caribbean is well known for being one of the most luxurious travel destinations on the planet. You’ll associate blue skies, golden sands, and a general ethos of relaxation with the region. But with 28 island nations there’s much more to the Caribbean than being a destination for beach bums.

It’s a hive of activity spanning far and wide, from the beaches to the cities, to even the ocean. So we’ve put our heads together and created a list to decide which is the perfect Caribbean island for YOU…

The Relaxer – Barbados
Of course, for the many people who visit the Caribbean – all 25 million of them – the majority will want to just kick back, relax, and escape the day to day stresses of work life. If that applies to you, then a Barbados holiday is certainly the one for you. In fact, what’re you waiting for?

Its beautiful beaches are unrivalled anywhere in the world and even in Bridgetown, a nice relaxing stroll can’t be beaten. The island’s capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a number of old colonial buildings to explore.

The Sportsman – Antigua
Like rum, cricket runs through the Caribbean’s veins and for any sports fanatic visiting the islands really must take in a game, particularly if the West Indies are out in the middle.

Calypso spreads around the ground and the nation’s heroes battle it out in one of the most popular sports in the world. Major countries regularly tour during the UK’s winter months and there’s no better place to watch it than at the Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua.

Some of the great West Indian cricketers were born on the island, including Sir Viv, alongside Curtly Ambrose, and Richie Richardson so it has a real sense of tradition, even now with the likes of Kieran Powell coming through the ranks.

The Musician – Jamaica
Music is synonymous with Jamaica, not least for its calypso. But at the heart of it all is of course reggae, and one man in particular. Mr Bob Marley.

He changed the world with his music, fought for black rights, and in the process created some timeless classics, and discovering his roots is certainly the way to go for any music lover. Born in Nine Mile, around 80km from Kingston, Marley’s hits defined a genre and fans flood to his birth – and resting – place every year.

The area influenced many of the singer’s songs alongside Trench Town, Kingston’s ghetto, where it’s advised not to visit without an organised tour.

Topping off a visit at the Bob Marley Museum in his old Kingston home, you can’t help but become emotionally involved with his story on visit to Jamaica and it really is a life changing experience, where your soul certainly will be satisfied.

The Foodie – Trinidad
Food in the Caribbean really will set your taste buds ablaze, with a range of spices to keep you on your toes. In Trinidad you’ll find some of the best cuisine across the islands. Blending cultures from across the world including Indian, Africa, European, Lebanese, and Chinese it creates a truly unique flavour and one that will excite any foodie.

Curry Goat is naturally a favourite and a staple throughout the Caribbean whilst curry mango is also a must try in Trinidad. Elsewhere Indian food is extremely popular with rotis stuffed with Channa a real treat.

However, there is one restaurant on the Maracas Beach and that’s Richard’s Bake and Shark. Bake and Shark is a classic street food dish and involves a fried flatbread with shark meat piled on top. At Richard’s it’s truly marvellous and a must for anyone wanting to try the local delicacies.

The Nostalgic – Cuba
Walking through the streets of Havana will have you thinking you’ve been transported back in time, but that’s all part of the Cuban charm. Due to the United States embargo on trading with Cuba – a relationship which is only just being fixed – 1950s and 60s cars line the streets and buildings often look dilapidated.

The country has barely changed since the days of the pirates were trawling the seas, and Cuba certainly has some buried treasure. Old Havana is one of the islands main attractions with a host of buildings and squares to look on in awe.

Morro Castle dates back a little earlier, built in 1589 to protect the city, and today for a small cost, visitors can stroll around and up to the lighthouse for a beautiful view over the bay.


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