What would you do for a free holiday? WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Well well well! It’s that time again where we ask you “what’s the craziest thing you’d do for a free holiday” and we offer someone the chance to put your holiday money where your mouth is! We had some amazing responses this week with some truly crazy suggestions (do you really want an Alfie tattoo on your bum!?) but here’s the WINNER of a holiday challenge…


“Do a sky dive for charity. Never done one before and the thought of speeding towards the earth with only a piece of fabric between you and oblivion is terrifying.     However I will put my life in the hands of an oversized silk handkerchief, raise some money for a very good cause and confront my fear of dying all for the sake of a bit of winter sun.”

Wayne Crocker, we challenge you to win a free holiday!

If you, Wayne Crocker, complete a sky dive and raise £500 for the charity of your choice, we will reward you with a 2 week winter break for two in Sharm El Sheik!!


Do you accept the challenge?


PS if you think you can top this challenge then why don’t you let us know on Facebook and you never know, you might be our next challenger!




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