What is ATOL protection?

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about ATOL protection and the new ATOL certificate, but what are they on about? Below we hope to help by answering some of the most common questions:

What is ATOL?

ATOL stands from the Air Travel Organiser’s Licence; this must be held by travel companies that are selling you a flight plus accommodation and/or car hire.

This licence protects you the traveller by refunding you if the company goes bust, or will bring you home should you be on your holiday when the company goes bust.

How do I check that a company is ATOL protected?

It is really important to check that your travel company is fully bonded with ATOL; otherwise you will not be entitled to the protection.

You can search your travel company’s name by clicking here. You should always check with your travel agent that all the parts of your holiday that you are booking with them are covered by ATOL.

alpharooms is fully bonded with ATOL our number is 9821.

What is covered under the ATOL agreement?

  • ATOL Flights + Hotel and/or transfer and/or car hire
  • ATOL Flights
  • Package holidays

The ATOL system was reformed on 30 April 2012 so that companies, including some online travel agents, selling flights with accommodation and/or car hire would have to provide ATOL protection.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes there are exceptions. Accommodation on its own booked without a flight is not protected under the ATOL scheme.

Airlines do not have to have provide ATOL protection even if they are selling accommodation and/or car hire alongside the flight.

When booking with alpharooms.com only flights marked with “ATOL protected” will offer this protection.

Also any trips that begin outside the UK and do not involve an overnight stay (last less than 24hours) will not be covered. However, if you travelled to Paris in a car stayed the night and flew back – so only had a return flight – this would be covered.

What is the ATOL certificate for?

The certificate will tell you exactly which parts of your holiday are ATOL protect and you will be able to download this and keep it for your records.

Dame Deirdre Hutton, chair of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), said: “The ATOL Certificate will mean people can clearly see on one standard document what is protected, who is protecting it and what they should do if their holiday company fails.”

How do I access my ATOL certificate?

When you have booked your holiday your travel company should give you the certificate straight away, or if you have booked online you should be emailed a copy with all your other documents. When you book with alpharooms.com you will also be able to access your certificate online through “My Account”.

How do I protect a non ATOL booking?

The best way to protect yourself is by booking using a credit card. If you pay for something using a credit card and it costs between £100 and £30,000 and the company goes bust or you don’t receive the services you have paid for, the credit card company is legally obliged to get your money back for you. apharooms.com accepts: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and PayPal



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