We challenge YOU to win a free holiday…

… Stacey Emma Lewis!

On the 18th March, we asked our Facebook fans what they would do to win a free holiday and Stacey said that she would do;

 ” Anything!!!’ beg on my hands and knees, cut your toenails (Ew!) wash ur back, sing you a song

Well, here’s your chance to show that you are serious about holidays! If you stick to your word, you’ll win yourself a free holiday! We’d love for you to sing us a song…

Our challenge to you…

If you, Stacey Emma Lewis, write a song about alpharooms.com, record yourself singing it and post it on our Facebook wall before 04/04/2012, your reward will be…

A weekend away in London! 


Watch this space for news of whether Stacey accepts and completes her challenge.


Make sure you head over to our Facebook page for news of all our latest competitions and prizes. In fact, why don’t you tell us what you’d do for a free holiday…?



Terms and Conditions
 The promotional challenge is bound by the following terms and conditions. The promoter’s decision will be final.
 The named person:
The promotional challenge is only available to the named person(s), Stacey Emma Lewis, who will be contacted and notified of their challenge. If anyone of a similar or the same name is unsure of the their eligibility to undertake the challenge and has not been contacted by alpharooms.com then they are not eligible. Any other person who is not the named person who undertakes the stated challenge will not be eligible to win the stated reward. The promotional challenge is not open to people connected to www.alpharooms.com, including staff members,  friends and family members. The promotional challenge is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland aged 18 and over.  Entrants agree to be contacted by alpharooms.com in order to accept their challenge.
The challenge:
alpharooms.com take no responsibility for any harm caused to the named persons as a result of this challenge. The challenge has been chosen as a realistic task that can be completed without major distress to any parties involved. A likeness to this challenge was originally suggested by the named person. In the case of the non-completion of a challenge, the named person will have failed their challenge and will not be eligible to receive the stated reward. The named person must write an original song about alpharooms.com, record themselves singing it and post it on the alpharoomsdotcom facebook wall before 04/04/2012. .
The reward:
The reward offered is 1x 3 night B&B stay in London, available for 2 people with a minimum star rating of 3 stars. The hotel offered will be stated at a later date, dependent upon board basis availability and flexibility of the reward winner. The reward offered must be taken before December 2012 subject to availability.  The reward offered is non-negotiable and non-transferable.
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