Travelling With Kids: The Ultimate Checklist

Travelling With Kids: The Ultimate Checklist


It doesn’t matter where you’re going whether it be Benidorm, Blackpool, or Boston, if you’re taking the kids along you need to be prepared. Plans need to be in place to keep them occupied, to keep them comfortable, and let’s face it, to avoid that dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

Naturally rule number one is do not forget the children. We’ve all seen Home Alone. Of course we don’t expect you to be as hapless as Kate and Peter McCallister, so we’ve created a real checklist on all the must have items and preparations needed ahead of taking the kids away.

A First Trip Away


For many a first trip away with the children can be a daunting experience. Looking after them is all well and good but when they discover the sea and the sand, well, not only can they be a little harder to control, they want to spend a little more time there too.

Planning is essential, and planning your trip at a slower pace to what you would usually is a much better idea and will essentially make your holiday a little more stress free.

Make The Most Of Kids Clubs


At many holiday destinations kids clubs will be a prominent feature. For family holidays to Benidorm or the Balearics and other sunshine destinations, kids clubs offer the parents a break to sit around the pool or go and explore, whilst children are under supervised care and mingling with other children in the exact same boat as them.

They’ll often create experiences that are unforgettable and can contribute to an incredible first holiday for your kids that they will remember forever.

But we digress, ideas and preparations…

Get Your Kids Started On Holiday Projects


It’s a great way to build excitement for the kids getting a side project going for them before the head away on holiday. It’s a good idea to set them off on something that will explore maps, look up on the history, geography, and culture of a place to put them in the know on what they are likely to see when they jet off to a new found land.

One of the best methods is to get them trying the local cuisine, particularly if your destination has a specific type of cuisine, such as tapas or pasta. Additionally, get them to create a wishlist of what they would like to do, and it could potentially save you having to make the plans yourself.

Don’t Underestimate A Pram Or Buggy

A pram or a buggy can be unbelievably useful whilst on holiday. With so much to see and do, whether it be a walk around the zoo or discovering every part of town, it can be tiring for a child and a buggy gives them a chance to rest without the need to head back to the hotel.

It can also double up as a makeshift bed, when you’re out for your evening meal and sharing a glass and a dessert.

Don’t Forget The Travel Games!


As we’ve mentioned, and as you probably know, “Are we there yet?” is well and truly the dreaded question. That’s why it’s important you have the travel games at the ready. Keeping them occupied is one of the toughest tasks from sat around a pool, to sat in a car, to sat in a terminal when you hear the dreaded five hour delay.

Of course, there are two essential items any parent must pack: some pens, and some paper. There’s a reason we walk through every airport and see children sat on a chair scribbling away. Because it’s effective.

However, don’t forget games such as Frustration, and plenty of others games also come in mini-form!

And Finally…


Be prepared. Children come back from school with plenty of cuts and scrapes, from out playing in the field or even in the back yard. On holiday it’s no different. Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid bag.

Plasters, bandages, and wipes are of course a must, whilst don’t forget, if you’re travelling to a destination such as Benidorm remember to keep your children protected with suntan lotion.

Pack all these, be prepared, and you’ll have a fantastic holiday, and more importantly so will the kids, whether it be a first adventure for the little ones or another one for them to experience. It’s just booking the holiday now…


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