Sneaky tips for getting the best hotel deals and the cheapest flights

Whether you’re booking on a budget or hoping to splurge a little while you are away, you always want to make sure you are getting the most for your money. We’ve collected a few tips, tricks and steals to get you the best hotel deals and the cheapest flight prices as possible for your next holiday.

Is timing everything?

There’s a commonly held belief that to get the best hotel deals or a bargain holiday you should book last minute. Not necessarily. This REALLY depends on where and when you are planning on going. If you are fairly flexible with dates and time, and don’t mind where you head off (great for anyone who is retired or up for an adventure) then yes, bargains can be had last minute. But if you are restricted by a schedule, for example, school-aged children, then you will often find booking earlier to your advantage.

No holiday restrictions?

If you aren’t limited by certain holiday periods then you can catch the best deals on winter sun. Places like Lanzarote stay at ideal holiday temperature pretty much year round, so why not head out in September or October to avoid the school holiday price hike.

Sneaky tips for getting the best hotel deals and the cheapest flights

To get the cheapest flights

You will often find that simply by travelling on a different day you can avoid a hefty mark-up on popular flights. If you are flexible by a few days, compare flight dates to find the cheapest possible. You can save a lot simply by moving your trip from a Saturday to a Wednesday! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are frequently cheaper as this avoids peak business travel days.

Check your departure and destination costs

Check out different airports. One a little further away may be cheaper than your local runway. Prices can vary massively between airports, and you will also have a wider variety of flights available. Do make sure that the airport you are landing at isn’t too far from your hotel, as the subsequent taxi ride can wipe out savings on your flight.

Book a hotel and flight separately

Cut through the fluff. If you know when you are going or you want the ability to be flexible, then booking your flight and hotel separately gives you the freedom to find the best deals possible on each section of your trip. Booking separately means you are in control of your route and destination fully – so no being tied to a specific hotel just because the flight was cheaper!

Sneaky tips for getting the best hotel deals and the cheapest flights

 Wear your luggage

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to want to wear a jacket with 1000 pockets onto your flight but, mastering the art of packing light (or just making the most of your space) may save you a fortune in luggage fees. Rather than paying extra for taking 30 swimsuits when you KNOW you are only going to wear two, be the smug travellers gliding past everyone queuing at baggage collection.

Check the exact hand luggage allowance on your flight and also what bonus handbag allowance might be given. Remember if you are travelling with an infant you can frequently get an extra ‘baby baggage’ allowance; check with your airline to see what they do.

Need some extra packing advice…?

Go incognito

Switch your internet browser into incognito mode. Think of it like an invisibility cloak; you’re able to browse without anyone knowing what you’re looking at. Some flight operators have been known to up prices to flights in Greece simply because you’ve Googled ‘flights to Greece 17th July’ four times. It’s supply and demand; if they can see that a lot of people are looking for flights to Greece at that time then they know they can put the costs up!

Buy less ice cream

We’re kidding. In fact, hopefully, once you’ve read these tips you’ll be able to save a little extra to buy more ice cream!

Sign up to hotel deals and flight discounts

Be a savvy spender. Knowing when and where websites have hotel deals and special offers on flights means you can catch the best price possible. At Alpharooms we regularly have different deals available, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to catch our sale periods.

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If you have any secret savvy saver tips for booking a hotel or flight on a budget (or not) then send them our way on Twitter @alpharooms. Happy Holidaying!


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