Top Packing Hacks

Why is it so difficult to pack a suitcase? In our experience you either find yourself at the check-in desk trying to shove sandals onto your significant other in order to avoid excess charges or making a mad dash to the pharmacy on your first morning to buy the toothbrush, deodorant and sun cream that you forgot to pack. Then there are those who make the whole process look so easy. With practice comes perfection, so we’ve scoured the internet to find inspiration from the truly jet-set, travel vloggers, pilots and celebrity vloggers, who all spill their secrets in the videos below. After all, when you travel for a job, it’s not long until you have the art of packing down to a T.

A Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise is one of the UK’s most famous vloggers and a mum to baby Darcy. Often invited to speak at events worldwide she remembers with horror a time that she left her makeup bag at home and had to make a last minute dash to the shops the next morning. Louise has definitely learned from experience and on this short video she shows you the makeup basics that will get you through your holiday without having to pack your full kit. Her short but informative blog also has some great tips on packing that capsule wardrobe. Hint: It’s all about sticking to that colour palette.

Male Friendly Tips

While men often find it easier to decide what to pack, it’s no secret that the items they need are often a lot bulkier than those of their lady counterparts! Think trainers in place of flip-flops and strappy sandals and Chinos instead of lightweight summer dresses. Having less room available in their cases mean that men in particular can benefit from learning to pack savvy. Thankfully this collaboration between men’s style magazine, GQ, and male Vlogger, Jim Chapman, has some invaluable advice for city breaks. We don’t know how we survived without learning their hack for packing a business suit in a carry-on bag.

Andrea Feczko

We featured Andrea Feczko last month as one of our top ten travel vloggers. What Andrea doesn’t know about travel isn’t worth knowing and as a presenter of the US show Vacation Chasers, it’s safe to say Andrea is on the road a lot. In fact, she even admits to having a pre-packed toiletry case to ensure that she doesn’t forget anything. While you may not travel often enough to make that worthwhile, Andrea uses this video to explain why contact lens cases make great storage for foundation and moisturisers and how to make the most of all the miniature shampoos and shower gels found in hotel rooms.

Hey Nadine

We mentioned before how much we love Nadine’s sense of humour, but in part two of her backpacking packing guide she shows her more practical side as she goes in-depth with what you should pack for a two week trip around Europe or Southeast Asia. If you’re backpacking you’ll find some of her practical advice, such as how to make your own pillow, invaluable. Even if you’re staying in fancy hotels you’ll find her vlog useful, as she explains which materials are unsuitable for travelling and shows some of the safety precautions she uses on the road. Nadine has made separate videos on packing the perfect travel first aid kit and makeup bag which she also links to on the vlog.

Pilot Tips and Tricks

If there’s any profession that would know a thing or two about packing suitcases, it would be airline pilots. In this video, Mike Wagner, a private-aircraft pilot, spills some of his secrets as he shows us how he fits a weeks’ worth of stuff in his carry on. It’s largely down to the roll method and he explains how to go about rolling different items from shirts to underwear. The method is effective in freeing up space, but as Mike explains it does wrinkle certain items, so do check your hotel room has an iron!

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