Top FIVE Micro Adventures

We’ve rounded-up our TOP 5 micro adventure breaks you can enjoy for JUST 2 nights over the weekend!

So much to see but such little time… comes to mind when all we want to do is travel and see the world! What if we told you, that, you don’t need to break the bank or use your annual leave to do so! Sounds dreamy right?


Step out your comfort zone and embark on an Icelandic quest where you’ll discover majestic beauty right on your doorstep! Placed between the glaciers of the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea – imagine waking up to mountain skylines, crystal clear waters, and lakes that you can even drink from… literally! Even though Iceland is enriched with a rocky exterior, the awe-inspiring landscapes and scenic agriculture boast natural beauty from the moment you land in Reykjavik. With everything close by you can see the very best features and highlights of the island in one day!

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Just off the west-coast of Italy you’ll find a little piece of forestry paradise surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Quite the juxtaposition which deems popular with celebs and royals, the island has an abundance of natural greenery on one side and white sand beaches with crystal clear waters on the other! A real dreamy holiday with endearing views Sardinia is also home to 7000 years of history. Expect a real treat walking down the cobbled streets of the Bronze Age and take in the sights of the Tiscali’s nuragic ruins… then top your break with a stop at the local vineyard for some deeeelish wine!

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Get on your stripes Sailor… we’re heading to the stunning French Riviera! Pack your best chic outfits and enjoy a stroll down the boulevards of glitz and glamour. Cannes is a picturesque harbour town with golden beaches, dazzling yachts and a desirable nightlife. Many people will also recognise the area due to its elite Film Festival however the town has a lot more to offer within its exotic floral settings. Fill your days by walking across the splendid La Croisette promenade, relax under a parasol umbrella whilst topping your tan or simply head to the nearest beach bar for a tipple.

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An astounding vision like no other, Finland is a Baltic wonderland, frozen in winter magic. Truly breath-taking, the country is blessed with the very best balance of darkness and light which bring a pure and crisp atmosphere during the day and starry skyline during the night… and if you’re lucky you may even get to see the mesmerising aurora of Northern Lights. Plus, just like a snowy fairy-tale depending on what season you choose to visit you’ll even see the bears and elks out to play… almost like your very own Narnia adventure!

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Dating back to 300 BC explore the radiant, ancient sands of time at one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Embark on an iconic journey to the captivating and alluring, dessert treasure, protected by the UNESCO World Heritage. Once an archaeological gateway for kings, soldiers, Medjays, protectors, priests, pirates, refugees and even royals! The 2640 acre park is filled with a labyrinth of passage ways they once walked through. You can literally feel and touch the history beneath your feet. A truly spectacular site worth adding to your bucket-list!

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