TOP 10 Emerging destinations

Whether you’re doing it for a lifetime experience, a holiday getaway or the gram!

These top destinations are the must-sees of 2018 and the must visits of 2019. Be ahead of the trends, tell your mates you saw it FIRST and embark on an extraordinary adventure with…

Immerse yourself into a tranquil haven and experience ultimate Zen.

Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is a cultural sanctuary bursting with traditional agriculture and classical ancient temples where natural beauty beams organically. The breath-taking cherry blossom trees, bamboos forests, Shinto shrines, wooden houses and gorgeous geishas will have you in awe. The most unique asset Kyoto has to offer is its historical heritage which captures old-craftsmanship, tea making, flower arranging and kaiseki (traditional Japanese) dining.

Perfect for those who want a romantic, peaceful getaway.  

Can you handle the thrill?

A spellbinding adventure awaits you amongst the glaciers and mountain tops of Chile, South America. A hiker’s paradise, this mosaic landscape is a life-changing experience and requires a good amount of fitness to conquer… so, no chocolate! Found at the “bottom of the world” Patagonia has more than exquisite beauty to offer! Expect a labyrinth of uninhabited islands, seascapes and forests are also home to super cute penguins, wild horses, gazelles and the famous Andes Mountains.

Ultimate break for campers and hikers

The New – New York!

Glittering skyscrapers, pulsating nightlife and traditional culinary delights – the capital of Indonesia is a city that never sleeps. So, if you’re a bit of an insomniac then Jakarta is for you! The ideal destination if you love the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan world and a metropolis of vibrant culture! The fast-paced atmosphere offers dynamic attractions which makes it great for a short break or even visit as a stopover to any of the stunning islands nearby such as Bali.

Best for groups and couples. Find a break here.

The pearl of the North

Follow the… red brick roads, cobbled streets, characterful cafes and you’ll find this hidden picturesque beauty tucked away on the north coast of Poland. Consider yourself a historical buff? Then step back in time and walk down the streets of this old-fashioned harbour town where you’ll catch a glimpse of the maritime bygone era, architectural charm and authentic Eastern European culture. Plus, relive what you learned in school as Gdansk is filled with historical World War II foundation.

Ideal for families. Find a break here. 

A captivating Arabian adventure…

Bask in the golden sunset of the Gulf and discover a desert oasis setting world records. Experience the WORLDS fastest roller-coaster (if you dare!) at the adrenalin-fuelled Ferrari World, the largest bejewelled hand-knotted carpet at the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and most recently the largest umbrella/parasol at Aqdar World Summit. Challenging the norm, Abu Dhabi continues to grow and flourish into a premium modern city boasting tradition and culture. Offering affordable, luxury holiday breaks.

Ideal for couples and groups. Find a break here. 

Miraculous natural phenomena

A fairy tale storybook brought to life, prepare to be captivated with whimsical beauty on the rooftops of Turkish heritage. The glimmering chimney rocks, globe shaped boulders, rolling jagged hills and limestone mountains create a gateway to a majestic landscape of geological honeycomb caverns. Plus, love is in the air… literally! Watch the sun set over Cappadocia and gaze into the horizon as hot air balloons expeditions float pass you and over the Anatolian plains.

Perfect for a romantic getaway

An awe-inspiring port city on the Baltic Sea

One of the world’s most beautiful destinations can be found in the stunning imperialism of Russia. If you’re a lover of lavish experiences, fine art, and vintage literature then venture into the heart of the city. Or maybe you just want to look through those cool gold binoculars at the Opera. Either way St. Petersburg is filled with rich culture, revolutionary architecture and dazzling night life that you’ll certainly make unforgettable memories. Don’t forget your Russian hat!

Great for groups of friends and the young at heart. Find a break here. 

More than a city of love…

Now you maybe thinking… Paris is not an emerging destination. However, when you’re looking for a different style of venture then forget Disneyland and think chic land! Hidden beauty can be found in the narrow cobbled boulevards, towering empire-buildings and classically inspired boutiques. The night-time is when the city really comes alive! From wine bars and late night coffee shops to Moulin Rouge themed clubs and flamboyant cabarets – Paris is an undercover wanderlust city you’ll tell all your friends about.

Perfect for a bestie holiday! Find a break here… 

A waterfront Grecian paradise.

No really, this is only 3 hours away! Off the west coast of Greece you’ll find this little island preserve on the Ionian Sea glistening with crystal clear waters. Be blown away by the exotic blue waters, golden beaches, blue caves, mountain safaris and the famous shipwreck at Smugglers Cove. Plus, you don’t need to fly all the way to Australia… as Zakynthos protects and is also home to loggerhead sea turtles! Filled with adventure, buzzing nightlife and mouth-watering Greek cuisine it’s definitely money well spent!

Ideal for groups. Find a break here!

No not the movie…but close!

In Western Morocco, you’ll find an abundance of glowing architectural landscapes steeped with a history dating back to the 15th century. A captivating medina for romance, the nautical-inspired restaurants are very popular for dinners as they overlook ocean views. The richness of fascinating values means you can experience craftsman skills, authentic Moroccan markets, vibrant textile making and much more.

Idyllic for couples of all ages. Find a break here

Watch this space… for the next list of endless emerging gems!
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