Things For The Kids In Benidorm

Things For The Kids In Benidorm


For many a decade Benidorm has been a favourite for the whole family. Great value deals on top of the sun, beautiful sands, and warm sea, makes it perfect for the kids to splash around in, build sandcastles, and generally have what is often their most exciting first holiday.

But whether it’s a first family holiday to Benidorm or not for the children, Benidorm has plenty to offer to keep the whole family occupied. It’s just where to start which is the problem.

The Costa Blanca holiday hotspot is awash with things to put a smile on the face right down the coastline, so to make things easier, we’ve run down the best things for children to do which will have the little one’s excitedly asking “are we there yet?” all week long.



For many children, swimming with dolphins is simply a pipe dream. It’s unlikely to happen and will always be something they just picture on television. However, just a few kilometres from Levante Beach, Benidorm offers that opportunity.

Mundomar has a host of marine life in the resort, giving visitors the chance to swim with both dolphins and sea lions, as well as experiencing the life of a zoo-keeper helping take care of meerkats, toucans, and squirrel monkeys.

It’s a fun day for all the family, and could just make your child’s dream come true.



And you won’t have to travel much further for another wet and wild experience, with Aqualandia situated right next door to Mundomar.

With 15 water rides, it offers fun for all the family and for the thrill seekers… the world’s highest capsule slide.

The Laguna is perfect for the little ones, with mini-slides, a playground, and climbing frames, whilst the Amazon lazy river is ideal for taking a break and deciding what’s next on the agenda.

There’s plenty more to discover, all of which will keep the kids splashing right throughout the day.

Terra Mitica


Located around 20 minutes north of the town, Terra Mitica is certainly one for the thrill-seeking kinds on holiday. With some of the most exciting rides in Europe, there’s something there for the older ones as well as the youngsters who can enjoy the miniature version of the pirate ship alongside Ayquesustus, the dodgems, and the big wheel.

The park itself is themed throughout with elements of Greece, Egypt, and Rome, with shows reminiscent of the periods, including duels between Spartacus and Rome and stories of the infamous Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Despite being slightly out of town, it’s easy enough to get to, with plenty of buses going out from the seaside town.

Terra Natura


Another park just a stone’s throw from Terra Mitica is Terra Natura, Benidorm’s wildlife park which has a whole host of animals to get up close and personal with.

Over 200 different species live in the park, with 50 of those being in danger of extinction. Tigers, lions, elephants, and giraffes all live in the park, with its design making it almost feel like you’re walking into their natural habitats.

Split into the four corners of the globe, you can experience everything the regions have to offer, including cuisine at some of the most homely zoo restaurants on the island.

It’s all part of their ‘zooimersion’ experience, and is guaranteed to have the kids feeling delighted, and the adults feeling like kids.

Canelobre Caves


The Canelobre Caves may be around an hour’s drive out of Benidorm, but they’re most certainly worth it. Located between Benidorm and Alicante, the natural underground chamber, is truly stunning, and will have the kids thinking they’ve entered a mystical world with the plethora of colours and impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

At 700m up on the northern slopes of Cabezon de Oro, it also offers one of the best views in the region, unveiling the Costa Blanca’s magnificent landscape.

Whilst the caves themselves won’t take long to navigate through, it’s a must-see for any family visiting Benidorm, and would be worth combining it with a few other smaller attractions.

Peacock Island


Officially known as Benidorm Island, aka the big piece of rock you can see from Levante Beach and Peacock Island, it’s one of the most recognisable sights on the Costa Blanca and a real hit with the whole family.

Affectionately known as Peacock Island, because, you guessed it, of all the peacocks, a boat trip out takes around 20 minutes and allows tourists to explore all the amazing wildlife and one brilliant view back at the Benidorm skyline.

What perhaps makes the trip though is not only do you get to explore the life on land, but upon arrival to the island you’re directed to a submarine to explore the natural wonders going on in the Mediterranean Sea too.

It’s a great little retreat from the Benidorm town life and will give the kids a real treat both on land and under the sea.



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