The Ultimate Weekend In Corfu

The Ultimate Weekend In Corfu


The island of Corfu has long been a tourist hotspot, on the coast of Greece, with the Mediterranean sun, and the remnants of Ancient Greece, it’s awash with amazing things to discover, and great things to do.

Over the years it’s developed into one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe, rivalling the likes of the Algarve and the Balearics. Whether you go for a weekend or a fortnight you’ll never be short of things to do from the north coast right down to Kavos on the south.

Here’s our guide to the ultimate Corfu experiences.



You’d be forgiven for thinking that Corfu was a place people go to sit around a pool and while away the hours, perhaps reading a book and drinking a cocktail. Of course, that does happen, it’s a big reason why people visit the island. But it also has its wild side too, none more so than when it comes to watersports.

Surfing is becoming increasingly popular in the Ionian Sea with something for both beginners and experts at riding the waves. Acharavi at the very north of Corfu is perhaps the best place for experienced surfers in an extremely natural environment away from the large tourist areas.


For young partygoers, there’s only one place to start an ultimate holiday in Corfu, and that’ Kavos. With so many cheap holidays to Corfu, Kavos has unofficially become the party capital, and has so many amazing events going on every night of the week.

Foam parties, UV raves, pool parties, and top-class DJs dominate the strip and almost every hotel has something going on.

Atlantis is the place to party the night away until the sun comes up, and it’s doable 7 days a week. Needless to say going surfing the next day isn’t the best idea, but with some gorgeous pools to sit round, you can’t go wrong just sitting back and enjoying the sunshine.

Discovering Corfu’s Ancient Past


In stark contrast to the partying of Kavos, discovering Corfu’s ancient history may be a lot more cultured, but it’s just as thrilling. The Temple of Artemis is one of the finest examples, dating back to 580 BC and located in the suburb of Garitsa, formerly the ancient city of Korkyra.

The architecture is of Doric style and originally was supported by colonnades with depictions of Medusa in the pediment.

Elsewhere, the Kerkyra old town reminds us of the Venetian Rule and was once described as the Door of Venice. You’ll still find Venetian-style shutters and peaceful squares in the area whilst the forts are well worth a look round, not least for the brilliant views overlooking the town.

You’ll find all sorts of intriguing artefacts in the town and it’s well worth a stroll through just to get a glimpse of this little island’s huge history.



With the island being only 64km long, discovering the island is relatively easy, and the best way to do that is on foot. Of course there’s strolling the excellent beaches, but also a walk up Mount Pantokrator offers up some tremendous views.

It’s the highest mountain on the island and from the top on a clear day you can see Italy, never mind the whole of the island. At the top sits a monastery which dates back to 1689 as well as a café for you to rest weary legs and refresh for the trip back down.

For the more hardcore walkers however, the Corfu Trail circles the entire 220km of the island and leads to parts completely untouched by the large amounts of tourists visiting. Beautiful flora lines the trail and takes you through some dramatic landscapes, through olive groves and across vast beaches. It’s certainly one for the established walker, and is certainly the most idyllic thing you can do on the island.



Of course, for most people, the ultimate Corfu weekend is spent forgetting about the stresses of our day-to-day lives and just enjoy the waves rolling in, the warm, sea air, and simply just relaxing.

And if that’s you, Corfu is perfect and sitting on the beach or by the pool will be the ultimate thing for you to do. There are so many luxurious resorts on the island, all offering great deals too. Kontokali Bay in the east of the island has stunning sea views to match its stunning service which has its own private beach as well as an on-site spa, barbeque evenings, and tennis facilities.

No matter what your reason for taking a break in Corfu, it’ll comfortably provide you with one of the ultimate experiences whether you’re a sit-back-and-relax kind of person, a thrill seeker, or someone who has discovery and adventure at the top of their agenda. So when do you fly?

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