The travelling mistakes couples should never make

Holidays are a time to relax and reboot. Couple holidays are a time to reconnect and spend valuable time with the one you love, or that’s the intention anyway. Our recent survey indicated that in fact, 49% of people do not have any more sex on holiday than usual. While one would assume that all of that free time in a new and exciting location might allow romance to flourish, it’s not always the case.

Whilst wonderful, stimulating and calming, travelling also comes with responsibilities. When travelling with a partner, it can become a game of negotiations. So, how can you avoid the bickering and concentrate on the positives of the holiday you both have planned; we might just have the answer.

Not make time for romance

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times. There’s plenty to organise, too much perhaps; things to do, things to see and schedules to keep. A crucial factor that so many couples forget on holiday is that they are there with the person they love. Remember the romance and take the time to appreciate your travelling partner; watch the sunset and enjoy that candlelit dinner.

Argue over money

While travelling, it’s easy to argue with your partner over minor issues – particularly when spending so much time together. Money can be a huge cause of an argument, but you can prevent it from becoming an issue. One way to ease this burden is to comprehensively plan out your money before you leave, and plan for extra. This way, when you’re looking to swim with the dolphins on day three, money doesn’t become the spanner in the works.

Fight over compromising

Another catalyst for a classic fight? Compromising. Everyone wants to get the holidays of their dreams. However, it’s unlikely that you and your partner desire the exact same experience from couples’ holidays. One of you may be more of a sunbather while the other is more of an adventurer. Speak about plans in advance and think ahead to include activities that you both are happy with – compromise is key!

Unfairly divide travel responsibilities

Money management, booking rooms, planning routes, organising flights and day trips; the ‘responsibilities’ on holidays are plentiful. Ensure a smoother ride and share the responsibilities equally. Unfairly dividing travel responsibilities can cause arguments, resentment and, ultimately, ruin relaxing holidays.

Compare the trip to others

Your break is an opportunity for you both to experience new things and create new memories – comparing the trip you’re taking to ones you have previously is not advisable. Not only will it take away from the experience you’re having in the now but drawing comparison could also easily cause an argument. Avoid the temptation to share those memories and appreciate the present and the person you’re with.

Expect perfection

Expectation can ruin a good thing. Most of us will research our destinations, gathering stories, tips and recommendations from the internet, friends and family.  However, your experiences are your own and they should be taken at face value, felt and appreciated for what they are. It’s rare that even real natural beauty or the most exhilarating experience can live up to imagined perfection.

Worry about social media

Research shows that for Millennials, Instagram can be a huge weighing factor in the choice of where to go on holiday. A digital detox could be the answer to a harmonious couple’s holiday. Business Wire reported that 97% of millennials will post to social media accounts while on their holidays, with 73% admitting to posting at least once per day. Checking in to your social media accounts brings you straight back to your usual routine. An agreement not to use these apps would be a good option to avoid social media stress or any arguments over too much ‘phone time’. Instead, try an agreed phone slot – 15 minutes in the morning or before lunch.

Bring work

Holidays are for switching off. And, the thing we usually need to switch off from most is work. Allowing work to enter your thoughts can not only take the relaxation out of the holiday for you, but also cause arguments between you and your loved one. Leave work at home to the farthest extent you can. It’s a good idea to even temporarily delete your work apps if you can bring yourself to do it, so you’re not even tempted.

Over plan

Planning is great, planning is necessary. In fact, planning is the only way in which you will get anywhere or do anything. But flexibility is also vital. Not allowing for any variation from the meticulously planned itinerary will cause you both unnecessary stress when, inevitably, things change. Leave wiggle room, free afternoons or days and have alternative activities in mind in case you’re unable to book the things you want to do.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Always think of the bigger picture. Couple holidays can intensify the relationship, and any relationship has its disagreements and differences. Your holidays are for enjoying, for letting loose and rebooting, so if the bus is late or it rains one afternoon, that’s okay. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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