The Top Travel Cooking Destinations in Turkey

The Top Travel Cooking Destinations in Turkey


If you are new to the ideal of a culinary holiday, this essentially involves travelling to far-flung locations throughout the world while learning how to cook classic, relevant cuisine. Packaged by global specialists such as the International Kitchen, these holidays take you on a cultural and culinary journey, as you sample the foods associated with individual regions before recreating this with the aid of top chefs and interactive courses.

As you would expect, your precise choice of destination is crucial when planning this type of holiday. After all, some countries are more culturally and geographically diverse than others, and this impacts directly on the variety of culinary influences and the range of local produce available. For beginners, we would recommend Turkey as the ideal location, and there are a number of compelling reasons for this selection.

Why is Turkey such a Viable Location for Culinary Travel?


To begin with, Turkey is a fascinating destination that is rich with a diverse cultural heritage. Intersecting the opposed cultures of Europe and Asia, it has seen a wealth of settlers over the years including, Indo-Europeans, Ottomans, Greeks, Persians, Romans and Muslims. They’ve all shaped the Turkish culture in different ways, and have created some of the most unique and diverse dishes on the planet.

This is explored in detail through a culinary travel course, as you explore the regions where ingredients are sourced and understand the inspiration that exists behind some of Turkey’s most renowned dishes. This forms the basis of your education, which can then be put into practical use as you learn the practical elements of fabricating local cuisine and refining this so that it is both delicious and authentic.

Ultimately, it is the need to travel that distinguishes Turkey as such a viable destination for culinary vacations. After all, the excursions included enable you to visit some spectacular sights and points of interest, while also providing you with access to crucial trade locations and ports in Marmara, Central Anatolia and the Aegean. It is these locations that will inspire you to learn about the culture behind the cuisine, which in turn will create the knowledge required to create fun, delicious and ultimately authentic dishes.

Exploring the Delights of Western Turkey


As those of you with a keen knowledge of European geography will no doubt testify, the regions of Marmara, Central Anatolia are all located in Western Turkey. This is just one of the reasons why Western Turkey is a favourite destination for culinary holidays, as it earmarks the region as a strategic destination through which produce and natural ingredients are transported. The accessibility of produce and such a diverse heritage combines to elevate Western Turkey ahead of other culinary destinations around the world, so this is an important consideration when planning your trip.

Western Turkey is also considered to be the gateway between Europe and Asia, making it the ideal meeting place of cultures, cuisines and culinary influences. In many ways, it is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, and this gives the region genuine important in terms of strategic location and influence. Many of the region’s primary cities embody this fusion of cultures, with Istanbul providing a classic example of Eastern values melding perfectly with Western counterparts.

You can enjoy the likes of Meze and Pastirma, an air-dried cured beef whilst, our favourites, the Adana kebab, named after the region it comes from is a true delight.

The Aegean region is particularly alluring for those with a desire to learn about culinary history, particularly those who enjoy classic cuisine. The Aegean is not only home to stunning stretches of coastline and quaint, secluded villages, but also spacious woods and more importantly numerous olive groves. These offer a natural supply of sumptuous ingredients, and underpin many of the local customs and dishes that are popular in Western Turkey.

Western Turkey as a Pivotal Location for Culinary Enthusiasts

We should not forget the Central Anatolia region either, which is home to some of Turkey’s most picturesque and naturally beguiling locations. Think of the unique, stark, and breath-taking Cappadocia, for example, which not only offers staggering views to visitors but has also inspired some of the best ever examples of rustic, Turkish cuisine.

Altogether, the location, natural resources and diverse heritage of Western Turkey embodies everything that is good about the region’s appeal as a culinary destination. It also earmarks Western Turkey (and the nation as a whole) as the ideal location for any cooking enthusiasts who wants to learn about some of the world’s most unusual and delicious cuisines. While there may be places further afield than Turkey and some that are more exotic, few can boast such a fusion of alternative cultures and culinary influences.

So before you book your next culinary adventure, be sure to consider the natural advantages of Western Turkey holiday and its unique appeal. We know we will!



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