The Perfect Ho-ho-holiday: Why You Should Your Kids to Lapland

The Perfect Ho-ho-holiday: Why You Should Your Kids to Lapland

You can probably picture the excitement on a child’s face when you tell them you’re taking them to Disney Land to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse; a smile brimming across their face, eyes lit up like you’ve never seen before. Now imagine telling them they’re going to the North Pole to see Santa Claus…
It’s something special isn’t it? That’s because a trip to Lapland is exactly that. An incredibly special holiday which will stick with your children forever, and most likely you too.

The region is situated in the northernmost region of Finland bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia, and come December it’s a region which is full of mystery and magic, where every little child’s dream comes true.

Now, because of the temperature in Lapland – it can reach up to -13°C – it’s probably not ideal to take really young children, and any kids under the age of six may find it simply too cold, but if they’re old enough then it would be well worth giving them the most wonderful Christmas experience.

Most of the Christmas activities centre around Rovaniemi, the home of Mr and Mrs Claus. Naturally nobody knows where Santa’s grotto and all his little helpers actually live but every year Santa comes down to the Santa Claus Village to greet all the good boys and girls in what is a wildly enjoyable day out.

The village is just a stone’s throw from the airport – presumably where Rudolph and the rest of Santa’s reindeer take off – and has a whole host of things to do, even offering accommodation to families wanting to enjoy more than a day in the magical land.

The village tells the tale of the Arctic Circle, where during the winter the moon and stars provide the light for the city of Rovaniemi, and the Northern Lights take over only adding another once in a lifetime opportunity for you to enjoy.
The magic of Lapland is everywhere, and the lights looking down on the snow-topped cabins is truly phenomenal, turning Christmas into something spectacular.

Of course, all this centres around the chance to visit St. Nicholas himself, bringing fairytales to life every day of the year. The Santa Claus office is the place for children to hand their wish list to him and have their photograph taken as well as saying hello to a few of his little helpers.

Elsewhere in the park there’s Santa’s Post Office where you can send postcards and Christmas cards all over the world, whilst Santa Park is one of the country’s best amusement parks where you can meet a few more elves alongside discovering Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread Kitchen.

However, Lapland isn’t just about visiting Santa and there is plenty more to do which your children will absolutely love.

Reindeer aren’t the only animals which can be enjoyed with Ranua Zoo, a few miles to the south of Rovaniemi the home of all manner of species including moose, wolves, and polar bears. It’s a great day out and not too far from the region’s main areas, but if you’re a little more of an active family then climb aboard a sledge and head to the Levi Ski Resort.

Much further north, the resort is Finland’s largest and is perfect for all ages and abilities. During the Christmas period there’s the chance to meet Santa and see the man in his sled being pulled by one of his trusty reindeer.

Families can also enjoy this, being pulled through the snowy forests by reindeer, with every participant being awarded a reindeer driving license – and how many children can claim one of those?

Husky rides are also offered throughout the nation and it’s hard to get bored around Rovaniemi with plenty of museums, fantastic restaurants, and cosy places to keep warm from the snow available.
Lapland really is an incredible place and without doubt the best place to visit as a family during the Christmas period. With so many magical things to do, from meeting Santa to skiing down the Finnish slopes, to gaining a reindeer driving licence, it just produces memory after memory which will no doubt be passed onto grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Of course, you can only take them if they’ve been good little boys and girls though, or Father Christmas won’t be pleased.

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