The Perfect Early Year Festivals To Keep Up Your Spirits

At alpharooms we love Christmas, and we’re most certainly believers in Ol’ Saint Nick, but one thing we don’t believe in is those post-Christmas blues. In fact, we loathe them. There’s nothing more depressing than leftover turkey sandwiches and the dread of going back to work.

But festivities don’t after end on the last firework of New Year’s Eve, far from it. That final bang just signals 2016, and a whole heap of new festivities to enjoy in the early stages of the year.

Throughout the first three months, the world continues the party and you could be part of it, whether you’re a sports lover, a fashionista, or a party animal.

So if you’re tucking into your dry turkey sandwiches with a blob of cranberry sauce, then liven up your lunchtime and book a trip to keep the festivities rolling…

Venice Carnival – 23 Jan – 9 Feb

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The early stages of the year see many carnivals right across the globe and one of the most beautiful and enjoyable is that of Venice.

Dating back to 1162, the carnival began following the Republic defeating Ulrico, the Patriarch of Aquileia, although this originally involved the slaughtering a bull and 12 pigs. Thankfully today it’s a little friendlier and by 1268 masks started become the done deal.

Mussolini banned the festival in the 1930s, before returning in 1979 where it’s gone from strength to strength.

Most of the action happens in and around St Mark’s Square with the square well and truly coming alive, making a holiday to Venice even more awe-inspiring than usual.

Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year falls on February 8 in 2016 and as always will see celebrations across the globe. Welcoming in the year of the Monkey, you can expect parades and fireworks galore.

Naturally, celebrating in China is the ideal place to celebrate with Beijing being a hive of activity. However, there are large communities across the planet and they all put on something just as impressive.

New York’s China Town celebrates in real style with three parades over several days taking place throughout Queens and Flushing, whilst in the UK the likes of Liverpool and Manchester bring not only the Chinese community but the entire cities.

New York Fashion Week

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Just a few days after Chinese New Year, lines of dancing dragons are traded for catwalks in New York as NY Fashion Week kicks off.

One of the biggest fashion events on the planet, the event, running from 11 to 18 February it brings the most prestigious designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Nicole Miller, to Jeremy Scott in a whole heap of exciting venues.

There’s plenty going on throughout the city to enjoy, and you’ll see plenty of celebrities trying to organise their wardrobe for the year. Combine it with Chinese New Year, and you’ll have a truly unforgettable trip to New York City.

Rio Carnival

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It’s the hottest spot north of Havana, a place where music and passion are always in fashion, but during carnival week it isn’t just the Copacabana which is party central, it’s the entire city of Rio.

Held from 6 to 10 February, the city showcases why its carnival is world renowned with tens of thousands of people packing in to the Sambadrome to witness incredible floats, amazing costumes, and of course plenty of dance.

The festival itself dates back almost 300 years, and 2016 is likely to be one of the best with the Olympic Games just a few months away.

One street band to keep your eye on is Banda de Ipanema and takes place in the streets of Ipenama. They march through a number of times throughout the carnival and you really get an understanding about what this time of year means to the city of Rio.

St Patrick’s Day

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Only few people need an excuse for a drop of the black stuff, but St Patrick’s Day certainly provides that. All over the world revellers celebrate the patron saint of Ireland and no matter what the city, there’s plenty of party.

Naturally, the world focuses on Dublin with green filling the streets. The Temple Bar pubs are over spilling with folk fuelled on Guinness, and Irish folk provides the beat for plenty of dancing.

Elsewhere, Chicago sees green come flooding through the city, with the Chicago River turned green and an annual parade held with the city’s Irish contingent marching through the city.

Nobody does a party like the Irish, and March 17 will certainly wash away any winter and Christmas blues.


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