The Continent’s Finest: The Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

The Continent’s Finest: The Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

Europe has some truly beautiful stretches of coastline. From the rugged mountains of Norway, to England’s beautiful white cliffs, and the ancient bay of Dubrovnik, there are some unrivalled areas of coastline. And then there are the beaches.
Pristine white sands dotted across the continent, the warm seas of the Mediterranean washing onto the shores. The choppy, perfect-for-surfing tides rolling in from the North Sea. Europe really has a lot to offer when it comes to beaches. But which are the best?

Praia da Marinha
When you think of the Algarve, you can’t help but think beautiful beaches. The jewel in the Algarve’s crown is undoubtedly the Praia da Marinha, quite possibly the most splendid beach in Europe.

Its location is perfect, with cheap holidays to the Algarve aplenty, and when you’ve got a five-star beach to go alongside them, it’s the perfect getaway. It’s made even more stunning by the beautiful cliffs which surround it, making for one of the most idyllic locations to sit back and enjoying the clear blue sea lap onto the golden shore. 

Sveti Stefan Beach
Comfortably sitting in the top 10 luxury destinations in the world, the Sveti Stefan beach in Montenegro actually belongs to the Aman Sveti Stefan hotel, so entrance comes at a little bit of a cost. But it’s well worth it. With pink sandy beaches and temperatures in the 30 °Cs, it’s an amazing place to relax.

The beach is well looked after with it being linked to the opulent 5-star resort, and a stay there is ideal way to compliment a luxurious afternoon on the beach. 

Tenby Harbour
Located in South Wales, Tenby Harbour beach is a perfect place for a family to spend the day. Only small, the beach is surrounded by colourful cottages and medieval ruins. It’s one of the prettiest seaside towns in the UK and combined with its gorgeous sandy beach, and boats sailing in and out of the harbour, it certainly makes it one of the must visits in Europe.

The surrounding beaches around the harbour are just as pretty, with it possible to walk to over to St. Catherine’s Island when the tide is out, and discover the history of the impressive fort which lies on the rock.

Nissi Beach
Nissi Beach is an extremely popular beach in the resort town of Ayia Napa, Cyprus. The shallow waters are great for taking a dip, whilst the small islet along the coastline is easy to walk across to in order to find a little shade.

However, this beach certainly isn’t one for those seeking peace and quiet, with it a popular destination for clubbers who regularly pump out music, and you’ll even see the likes of foam parties and DJ’s taking over the sands. Not only that but is also home to a number of Great White Pelicans, but don’t worry, they’re friendly. 

Ribadesella Beach
The Ribadesella Beach is a truly majestic stretch of coastline. Lined by stunning houses and hotels, it’s a stretch like no other, totally unspoilt by high-rise hotels, with just plunging cliffs and the choppy waters of the Bay of Biscay.

It’s within a mile of the Cueva de Tito Bustillo, Spain’s most beautiful and important caves, filled with prehistoric art. It’s a popular town for Spanish families to retreat to with lots of activities going on including watersports and the incredible caves. It’s a little off the beaten track for tourists with the closest major city being Bilbao, but once you arrive, you can’t help but fall in love with the place. 

La Dune du Pilat
You can’t help but stand on La Dune du Pilat and look on in complete awe. It’s a truly astonishing place. It’s the tallest sand dune in Europe and rises 110 metres above sea level.

Located just an hour from Bordeaux, the golden dune is a great place to just sit out and look across the Bay of Biscay, and there are a number of camp sites in the forest behind so you can get up early and watch the sun come up over this incredible natural phenomenon. Around a million people visit the beach every year, and we very much doubt that any of them have been left disappointed.

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