The 5 Best Holiday Apps To Get You Ready For Your Break

The 5 Best Holiday Apps To Get You Ready For Your Break


We know how it is. You’ve got your holiday booked, and despite it being months and months away, you’re already counting down the days. Already scouring the shops for your bikinis, or shorts for the gentleman. Hitting the gym so you turn some heads on the beach. Nothing quite beats the build up to a holiday.

You’ll be writing lists of what to do, where you can dine out, what you need to pack. But who needs a pen and paper nowadays when we have our trusty mobile phones in our pockets. There are dozens of great apps on the market to help us build excitement for out holidays, in fact they can be integral in helping us prepare too.

These five incredible apps are most certainly must haves, and it’ll no doubt get to the point where you’ll wonder just how you planned a trip without them!

Preparation: TripIt
Organising travel can often be a nightmare. So many tickets to keep hold of, needing one bus ticket one day, one bus ticket another. It has the potential to all go drastically wrong.

That potential is nullified with TripIt, a fabulous app which puts your trip completely in order. Placing all your booking confirmation emails into one place, and not only that but suggests activities and star attractions for you to enjoy. It’s essentially like having your own personal tour guide. And we can’t argue with that.

It’s free to use and even includes weather updates and maps to make sure we’re always prepared and never lost.

The Airport: MiFlight

It’s not until check in until you can start to relax about your holiday, and even then you’ve got that nagging worry about your flight being delayed. Firstly, there’s getting to the airport on time. Then there’s the decision about how much time to give yourself through the security checks. It’s like entering the unknown.

But with MiFlight, unknown it is not. With information for over 75 airports across the world, the app lets you know how long the security checkpoint line is to put your mind at ease, meaning its likely only the kids you need to worry about.

Getting Around: HopStop

Making full use of public transport is a great way to get around no matter where you are. It saves on car hire, and avoids the need to use often expensive taxis. Naturally this can be daunting, the bus driver may not speak your language and you have no idea where you need to get off.

HopStop covers 68 of the biggest metropolitan hubs in the world and gives you timetables of the buses you need to catch as well as a stop-by-stop itinerary. It’s a godsend in an unfamiliar city and you will most certainly thank your lucky stars you have it on a journey across town.

Dining Out: Fancy Tips

Maybe that bus journey has led you to a restaurant to spend the evening enjoying quality food and fine wine. Or perhaps sangria, or pina coladas. Maybe you’re enjoying the delights of an Adana kebab, or picking at sumptuous tapas dishes.  It of course depends where you are in the world.

And like tipples of choice, all over the world there are different rules regarding tipping etiquette. Fancy Tips is free to download and gives you tipping advice on around 240 countries, allowing users to calculate exactly how much you should pay according to the local custom.

It’s a really handy application which will automatically detect your location and currency as well as including a check-splitting feature.


Ok, so everything’s booked, everything’s bought, and all you need to do is pack your bags. But don’t forget anything!

Luckily for you it’s almost impossible to forget anything with PackPoint, a unique app which creates a custom packing list based on a number of questions it asks the user. Not only that but it takes into consideration weather, location, and how you are travelling to and from your destination.

It means the end of having to worry how many pairs of trunks to take on a holiday to Benidorm, no panic on whether you should take an extra pair of salopettes with you for your trip to Avoriaz, PackPoint has it all covered.

We’re very lucky to have everything we need right in the palm of our hands. For every moment of our journey the App Store has it covered meaning every moment of your holidays can be met with an ease of mind. All that’s left to do is download them and have an amazing getaway. So, what are you waiting for?


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