Tech tools for next gen travellers

For today’s travellers, life while adventuring has got a whole lot easier thanks to tons of tech, gadgets and apps that are designed to make travelling as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

With everything from apps to help you talk the talk, to tech to help you make the most of your time by the pool, jetting off has never been easier – or more fun. Here we’ve rounded up some travel tech that’s sure to be your new best friend when you’re on your next escape.

Portable power bank

Picture this. You’re at the airport, case in hand, when you see that hoards of people have gathered around the departures board groaning. Your flight has been delayed. The now extended time in the airport means that checking in on Facebook and posting photos of your airport breakfast, along with a few sneaky games of Candy Crush, has killed your battery. No fear! This is where portable power banks can help. Keep a couple on you while you travel, ready for those pesky moments when you run out of battery out sightseeing or on your flight. Opt for super portable credit card sized options for the ultimate in flexibility, or maybe even splash out on one of the carry-on bags with a power bank built in.

Bluetooth speaker

There’s nothing nicer than sitting by the pool, lazing on the beach or even just enjoying a bit of al fresco dining when you’re on holiday, but all of these things are made even better by having your favourite tunes playing in the background. Invest in a lightweight portable bluetooth speaker and it’s sure to become your new travel best friend. Opt for waterproof options if you want to truly be able to take your speaker anywhere, and look out for protective pouches to keep it in tip top condition for many adventures to come.

Waterproof phone case

Hitting the beach or pool with your smartphone is always a bit of a worry, particularly if you haven’t got a splashproof model. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore! Nab yourself a waterproof phone case before you jet off and you’ll be able to browse the web, snap a ‘hotdogs or legs’ shot or watch an episode of your favourite show from the comfort of your sunlounger – or even your lilo. If you decide to get creative with some underwater shots, make sure to choose one that comes with a lanyard or wrist strap – you don’t want to be dropping your phone in the ocean!

Clip-on smartphone lens

While we’re talking about smartphones, why not pick up a clip-on lens for your phone before you depart to seriously up your holiday snaps game? You can find lenses that attach to almost any phone nowadays, with some coming in at budget-friendly price points. With options boasting 4 in 1 features or super wide angle fisheyes, your holiday photo album will never be the same again.

GorillaPod/Selfie stick

If you’re a solo adventurer, or even a couple, then getting those prized photos from your amazing trip isn’t always easy. Anyone that’s attempted a selfie knows all about the dangers of that unflattering chin angle or the stress of trying to hide your own arm, which is where tech can help. From the traditional selfie stick to the more creative GorillaPod flexible tripods, which can hold everything from smartphones to DSLRs, depending on the model you choose, getting that perfect shot has never been easier.


When you’re jetting off to another country it’s always nice to learn the basics of their language, but not everyone has time to take a beginner’s course before they depart. Fortunately for us, apps mean that you can top up your knowledge at home, on your commute or even at the airport. Duolingo is one of the most popular language apps, with over 70 million people registered, and is a great way to pick up some words and phrases before you leave. Plus, it’s free on iOS and Android!

XE Currency

Deciphering the best deals in a foreign currency isn’t always easy. If you’re trying to work out how much money to take with you, or want to know how much something costs in pounds while you’re there, there are tons of great currency apps out there that can help. XE is widely regarded as one of the top sites for conversions, and the free app is a great way to make use of the tool on the go.


All stocked up with the latest techy gadgets? Now all you need is somewhere to take them. Find your perfect holiday for summer 2017 by checking out our great summer holiday deals today.

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