The Coolest Hotel Rooms The World Has To Offer

Take a gander at some of the World’s coolest hotel rooms, ok so some of them may not fit into our holiday budget this year but there’s no harm in dreaming!

Livin’ the Dream…

Hugh Heffner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort hotel, Las Vegas

Located at the top of Palms Fantasy Tower the Hugh Heffner Sky Villa offers extraordinary accommodation style living. Invite 250 of your friends to party Hugh Heffner style, take a dip in the PlayBoy Jacuzzi pool which overlooks the magnificent strip. Guests may also make full use of the full-equipped gym, media room and wet bar and when your all partied out hop into the eight foot rotating bed for a nap! Ok, this may blow the budget a little at $40,000 a night but hey who says you can’t dream!

Under de Sea, Down Where it’s Wetter….

Lost Chambers Super Suite, The Atlantis Palm Hotel, Dubai

This has to be one of my favourite coolest hotel rooms of the World. The Lost Chambers Super Suite at The Atlantis Palm hotel in Dubai offers the ultimate in luxury, the Neptune and Poseidon Suites stretch over three floors, enter into the suite’s grand foyer then follow the sweeping staircase down to an aquatic –themed living room and dining area. Head to the lavishly decorated guest room and bathroom which feature floor to ceiling glass windows with mesmerising views which look into the hotel’s enormous Ambassador Lagoon which is home to 65,000 marine inhabitants. This room may set you back a tidy sum of £2,000 per night but hey at least you get the chance to experience life in a fish tank! One question though……..will you be watching the fish or will they be watching you?

Ice is Nice….

Art Suite, ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Now this truly has to be one of the coolest hotel rooms in the world, literally! This room can be found at the ICEHOTEL which is located in the small Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden and lies 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. The hotel was the world’s first and largest ice hotel, built from snow and ice blocks extracted from the nearby Torne River the hotel has to be rebuilt every November. The Art Suite room is entirely carved out of ice and features beds made out of large ice blocks covered with reindeer skins just to ensure you don’t stick to or melt your own bed. Don’t fear, the toilet isn’t an ice block and you won’t have to a cold shower in the morning either, guests sleeping in the ice rooms can use shower and toilet facilities in the warm building connected to the hotel. You are also kindly reminded when checking into the ICEHOTEL not to take luggage to your room as it will freeze overnight and a pair of ice pants will be the only choice of wear the next morning, all luggage can be left in the hotel’s luggage lockers. This room will set you back from around £209 per person per night, so if you do fancy spending a night here just don’t forget to pack your long john’s! This one is definitely on my list of to do’s.

Spin, Spin Sugar…

Revolving Loft Club Room, The Marmara Antalya Hotel, Turkey

Welcome to The Marmara Antalya hotel, the world’s only revolving hotel! In the famous words of Kylie Minogue, if you fancying ‘spinning around’ in a 5 star hotel then head to The Marmara Antalya hotel which is home to the impressive ‘Revolving Loft’ a 24 roomed, tri-level exclusive building which slowly revolves to reveal panoramic, 360˚ views over the mountains and sparkling Mediterranean Sea. The building is built in a special pool system and aims to provide guests with a unique experience, to enjoy different views of Antalya at different times of each day. Don’t worry, you’ll not be leaving this hotel feeling dizzy but you will be able to tell all your friends you have seen the whole of Antalya from your bedroom window.

So which is your favourite coolest hotel room?

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