Suitcase? What Suitcase…Travelling With Just Hand Luggage

Suitcase? What Suitcase…Travelling With Just Hand Luggage

“No suitcase?” we hear you cry, “are you mad?”
No, far from it. In fact, it’s easily done. Packing light is incredibly simple, and for short haul flights on budget airlines, will save you a fair bit of cash too.

The weekend break has always been hugely popular, and over-packing comes hand-in-hand with that. But the truth is, you probably don’t need a suitcase, you really can rely simply on hand luggage. Let’s face it, your hotel will likely have a hair dryer, and do you really need that many pairs of shoes? Our guess is not.

Whether you’re looking at cheap holidays to Paris, or a luxury stay in New York, here’s our guide to travelling without unnecessary baggage and packing everything you need…

Firstly, Check Your Bag Size
Whilst the image may suggest it, we aren’t advising that you put your children in hand luggage though it is key that you check your luggage height, length, and width restrictions. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and finding out your bag is too big and has to go in with the old luggage (which often incurs an additional cost).

With easyjet, cabin bags carry a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25cm, which is the general size, although it does vary from airline to airline. Additionally, remember the rules on liquids – they have to be carried in 100ml bottles, stored in a clear plastic bag and you can only have one clear bag of liquids per person.

Pack Smart

If you’re heading for a weekend city break, it’s unlikely you’re going to need flip flops and shorts. Packing smart is a must if you’re going to get away with travelling hand luggage only. Take a trip to Paris for example; it’s likely you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring so you’ll need comfy shoes that won’t give you blisters.

It’s well worth avoiding packing just in case, essentials only is the key – plus if you find you desperately need something whilst you’re away, chances are you’ll be able to buy it there.

Shoes are more often than not the bulkiest item in your bag and can take up valuable space. Wear multi-purpose shoes, and if you have to pack an extra pair make sure that the one’s which take up the most space are on your feet.

Other heavy items such as coats and jumpers are worth wearing, whilst packing your own pillows and even towels aren’t particularly required as your hotel will no doubt provide these.

How To Pack

Once you’ve got the essentials decided, it’s time to pack. You wouldn’t think it but there really is a knack to packing efficiently. The key is to start from the bottom and work your way up, starting with shoes and heavy items.

If you really must, items such as hairdryers and extra bags need to go at the bottom of your bag, whilst shoes are also perfect for packing things inside like socks, gloves, and glasses cases or jewellery.

With clothing it’s often thought rolling is the best option, however, it is a common mistake. Items that are folded lie flat so there’s less chance of them wasting valuable space. The thickest fabrics should be packed towards the bottom of your bag, getting lighter as you continue to pack. Spaces in between should be filled with the likes of your toiletry bag or any other items which you need to pack.

If you have an item which is particularly prone to wrinkling, then the item should be packed towards the top where there is less chance of any damage or creasing.

Good To Go
From there you’re good to go. But finally, ensure you pack your travel documents, i.e. boarding passes, passport, etc., in a place which is easily accessible. You don’t want to pack it in the bottom of your bag when you’ve spent time and effort to pack your bag, only for you to have to pull it out again when you get to the check in desk. A side pocket or at the very top of your bag is perfect, and then you’re ready. Ready to have a fabulous trip away, and no need to be waiting for an hour at the baggage carousel!

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