Staying Warm in Tenerife: Our Cheap Christmas Escapes

When you think of Christmas, you think of a lot of things: opening presents underneath a festively decorated tree, leaving milk and cookies out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, stuffing yourself with tasty seasonal treats and tipples and, of course, spending quality time with your loved ones. What might not immediately spring to mind, however, is warm weather and a day relaxing on the beach with white sand between your toes.

Doesn’t that sound sound like a dream? Luckily, that dream can easily become a reality. A winter sun Christmas isn’t as crazy as it might sound at first, especially not in sunny Tenerife. There are lots of cheap holiday deals this time of year, making it a fun and affordable destination.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn all about a Tenerife Christmas.

What is the Weather Like in December?

The Canary Islands are known for having year-round sunshine and good weather no matter the season or holiday, and Tenerife is no exception. If you’ve decided you’re going to get some winter sun in Tenerife this December, you certainly won’t be lacking vitamin D.

Here you’ll find some of the warmest winter weather in all of Europe, with temperatures staying between 23 to 25 degrees Celsius in the months of December and January. Sure, you might need a jumper or light coat in the evenings as it can get a bit nippy, but during the day the weather will be sure to warm your bones… so don’t forget to bring your flip flops and swimming costume!

What is Tenerife Like at Christmas?

A Tenerife Christmas is the ideal mixture of new experiences and the holiday classics you know and love. If you decide to hang around until after New Year’s Eve, you might just get the chance to see the locals partaking in their big Christmas celebrations on and around 6 January. This is when the Epiphany festivities take place in the form of kings parading through the streets and giving children presents and sweets.

Going to be gone by the time 2020 rolls around? Don’t worry! There’s still plenty to see, do and eat while holidaying in Tenerife in December.

What is There to Do in Tenerife at Christmas?

From playing in the snow (yes, you read that correctly) to chowing down on a Christmas feast, there’s so much to do in Tenerife during the holiday season.

For a full list of itinerary ideas no matter the season, check out the Tenerife Tourism Corporation’s website.

Make your holidays white

What? Coming to Tenerife to get some winter sun only to ditch it all for a white Christmas? It’s a better deal than it sounds! Mount Teide, located in Teide National Park, is Spain’s highest mountain and during the winter it is often covered in snow. Heading up here is a great way to spend a few hours sledging, building snowmen and playing in the snow before returning to the coast and soaking up the warm weather. This is truly a unique experience.

Peruse the Christmas markets

A Christmas market in Tenerife is likely to be unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Most of these markets in European countries are German-themed and filled to the brim with grilled sausages, mulled wine, warm clothes and more. However, the markets you’ll find in Tenerife are a little different and feature a delightful Canarian twist.

Here you will find treats such as local wine, baked goods and cheese, as well as handmade gifts, artisan jewellery and all sorts of other lovely trinkets. The best part? Most everything you find will make for a delightful gift for any friends or family you left at home.

While you browse, make sure you keep an ear out for any live music – it’s likely to be from a traditional Canarian band that will probably play until the early hours of the morning.

Try turkey and other tasty treats on Christmas Day

Just because you’re spending your Christmas holidays holidaying in Tenerife doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a traditional turkey dinner! If you’re staying in a resort aimed towards Brits, it’s more than likely the restaurant will be serving up a dinner just like Mum makes. However, if your accommodation is self-catering, have no fear. Lots of local supermarkets will be well-stocked with turkeys so you can have yourself a proper Chrimbo roast.

Have a look at our full list of cheap and cheerful hotels and apartments in Tenerife to decide whether you’re in the (Christmas) market for an all-inclusive resort or a private self-catering pad this holiday season.

If you want to try something a bit more exotic this Christmas season, we recommend sampling turron, a sweet treat that appears in supermarkets around the country during the holidays. It’s a cake made of egg, honey and almonds, and is the ideal addition to any cup of coffee.

Book Your Accommodation Before It’s Too Late!

If you’re planning to ditch the dreary UK this December and zip over to Tenerife to get a tan just in time for Christmas, you’ll want to make sure you get your accommodation sorted out well in advance. This island in the Canaries is becoming more and more popular, so to ensure you’re in time to get the best holiday deals, make sure to book your room with Alpharooms as soon as possible.

Here are our top three Christmas picks:

  • Las Piramides Hotel – Recommended for a group of friends celebrating the holidays together.
  • Laguna Park I Hotel – Perfect for families with children visiting Tenerife over Christmas.
  • Zentral Center – The ideal accommodation for a childless couple looking to snuggle up in the sunny Canaries during the holiday season.

With tasty seasonal treats galore, snowy excursions right outside your door, charming local markets and, of course, warm weather, a holiday to Tenerife this December is a great choice for anyone who wants their Christmas to be just a little different. Say goodbye to chills and rain and hello to surfing Santas and holiday cheer.

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