Spanish Culinary Tour: A Delicious Mediterranean Journey

Here at we’ve been posting so much about the delights of Spain, including the delicious foodie fare available on your break away, that we’ve created a whole section of our blog dedicated to it.

Recipe Haven:

There’s a selection of recipes waiting for you to delve into so here’s a quick index:


Caprichosa Prawns by Barbara Sheills

This delicious prawn recipe embodies the holiday spirit and the flavours of the Mediterranean coast. It also has the added bonus of being healthy yet deliciously indulgent.

Mahon Chicken Casserole Recipe

Mahon Chicken Casserole by Barbara Sheills

Casseroles are a staple dish in most households because of their ease to throw together. This recipe takes the classic casserole from hearty evening meal to culinary delight.

Paella recipe

Meat Feast Paella – The Store Cupboard Version

An adaptation of a classic paella recipe, this meaty variation shows that this classic Spanish dish can be made without fancy or hard to find ingredients.

spanish seafood stew recipe

Spanish Seafood Stew by Barbara Sheills

Seafood is a large part of many Spanish dishes and this recipe makes ingredients fresh from the sea the star ingredient.

Spanish stuffed chicken recipe

Spanish Stuffed Chicken Breast by Barbara Sheills

Iberico ham produces a rich, succulent flavour and in this recipe it retains the moistness of the chicken whilst complementing the pear and brie served on the side.


Indulge in Person:

We’ve also got a number of Spanish guides that’ll come in handy when you embark on your own culinary tour:


A Vegan and Vegetarian Foodies Guide to Spain

Worried what foodie fair will be on offer for vegans and vegetarians? Never fear, our handy guide is here to help.


Five Beautifully Simple Tapas Dishes To Wow Tus Amigos

We’ve compiled five easy to prepare tapas dishes to wow your friends.

Spanish style prawns

Ten Tapas Dishes to Serve Your Friends

If you’ve mastered our five simple tapas dish recommendations, move onto this list for more Spanish fare to impress your friends.

salt cod fritters

The Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona and Madrid

Experience true tapas on your Spanish holiday with our guide to the best tapas bars in Barcelona and Madrid.

history of tapas

The History of Tapas

Ever wondered where tapas came from? We’ve got the answers.

ibiza 4

The Spanish Towns You’ve Never Heard Of But Must Visit

Whilst Barcelona and Madrid are on the top of many travel bucket lists there are plenty of Spanish towns you have to visit too.


Traditional Spanish Dishes for Picky Eaters

There’s a Spanish dish for event to the pickiest of eaters, take a look and see for yourself.


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