Sol Katmandu – Mallorca’s premier theme park hotel

The Sol Katmandu park and resort in Mallorca’s first theme park hotel. Located in Magalluf just 250 metres from the beach the hotel is close to the bars, restaurants, shops and 5 golf courses. However that is all a bit redundant as the Sol Katmandu offers you anything you could ever need.

Before you even get to the theme park part, the hotel offers you an outdoor pool, a heated indoor pool, a children’s pool, a tennis court, two table tennis tables, a garden, a goldfish and turtle pond, a games rooms, a lounge and an internet corner. Then when it comes to food you have top quality international cuisine at the buffet restaurant.

playpassbannerWhen you finally tear yourself away from the hotel you are given a Play Pass, which allows you unlimited access to all the attractions until 6pm and then 50% off admission after 6pm. As a guest of the hotel you have a VIP reception in the park. The Play Pass has the additional benefits of a trial at the Wave House on the wave machines, 20% discount on Food and Drink at Pipes Restaurant, Lohis and Banazi bars and special taxi rates to attractions near the park.

Expedition Golf is an 18 hole mini golf route that takes you through fire and ice themed worlds. The game is a small part of the experience as you trek through the the ancestral world as you put your skill to the test on this challenging route.There are some excellent attractions in the park. Below is a quick round up of what is on offer:

Desperados is a laser shoot out ride where you must pursue the outlaws to the city limits. Make sure that aim is good because this is a competition and one of you will be crowned deputy sheriff at the end! After a quick practice run you are thrown into the adventure, trekking through the wild west you end up in a typical wild west town performing a shoot-out with the outlaw.

The Asylum is a journey through the ruins of an abandoned haunted asylum. This one is for the over twelve’s only as it is classed as a freaky paranormal experience that will haunt your senses long after leaving the ride.


Turn your world upside down at The House! Carve you name in the Ice cave, battle with hurricane force winds and do experiments that will make your hair stand on end. Control the musical enchanted forest and marvel at Mallorca’s first interactive aquarium.


The final and possibly the most exciting ride in the park is the 4D cinema. With seats that boast up to 2Gs and move at a hundred movements per second in time with the action in the film, to give you a incredible movie experience.


Sol Katmandu is the place to be in Magalluf!

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