Revealed: Where should couples go on holiday

A romantic holiday with the one you love is your time to get back to basics. You can enjoy each other’s company, ditch the TV series and the daily chores. Simply, kick back and relax with your partner somewhere exciting (and hot).

While romance can mean a variety of things for different couples, you should always attempt to make time to compromise for each other’s wants, passions and adventures. So, if you’re looking for romantic destinations for your next summer break, we have just the answer…

Why you should make time for romance on holiday

Couple on a beach

It’s easy to lose the romance in our everyday lives and neglect to savour the time you do spend together, even if it is just watching your favourite drama with a mug of tea. When on holiday, however, there is more opportunity to invest time in yourselves, step away from the pressures and stressors of your regular routine and breathe in either rest and relaxation or adventure and new experience.

Holidaying with your significant other provides you both with the time to appreciate each other. Taking this time to do so and achieve things you wouldn’t do at home can even strengthen your relationship.

In fact, alpharooms research found that 63% said ‘holidaying with their other half improved their relationship.’ Sharing experiences can solidify bonds, so even if you’ve been together for a long time already, you’re giving yourselves the chance to develop even further.

You can also discover new things; we often try new things when travelling somewhere new. You’re more likely to learn a little more about your partner if you make time for romantic activities on your couples’ holiday.

Most romantic destinations for couples

With the above in mind, we are rounding up those destinations that will help you feel the love and, of course, provide the picture-perfect Instagram backdrops.


Nothing says romance like the Italian experience, love, wine and food flow through the entire country. No matter where you choose, you can guarantee a honeymoon-worthy holiday in Italy.

Starting with Rome, of course, The Eternal City has been bringing couples together for hundreds of years. While there are a number of tourist attractions to tick off your bucket list, Rome offers plenty of hidden treasures for couples seeking activities; hiking up Janiculum Hill and, for a more relaxed afternoon, shopping on Vial del Governo.

Portofino, the small town in northern Italy, is a mix of glamour, sophistication and tradition. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous and enjoy the rural landscape during your travels.


Greece is an eclectic mix of deep-rooted history, myth, culture and beauty. In addition to the crystal blue scene and golden sands, there’s little wonder so many couples choose the destination for their honeymoon.

Santorini is one of the most easily recognisable cities with its whitewash backdrop set on staggered cliffs, interspersed with popping blue roofs, coloured doors and patterned structures. The backdrop is so beautiful, it’s fast becoming a hugely popular Instagram destination. If you’re both inspired by the scenery which surrounds you, this is the place to go to capture stunning moments together and a picture or two to remember it.


Where better to celebrate your relationship than with a holiday in the home of the ‘language of love’. Spain offers a multitude of locations, subtropical weather and sprawling sandy beaches. Mallorca, for instance, has inspired its fair share of romances as host to the TV series, Love Island.

The capital, Madrid, boasts galleries and museums for your daily activities, and intimate restaurants where you can have eyes for only each other. Another seductive city in Spain is Barcelona, from the bohemian and relaxed atmosphere to the charming streets and cosy bars.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally… you won’t be alone when you embark on your own epic love story in the USA. Many of the world’s most iconic love stories on the big screen take place in American cities, not least of all, New York.  

Discover your own adventure in this hustling bustling city which never sleeps and experience a new pace of life. New York is one of the USA’s perfect romantic destinations for those less inclined to sit on a beach and take in the sunset.

Other notable romantic destinations include San Francisco – where romance hangs thick in the city – and New Orleans, taking you on a whirlwind adventure of fine-dining and jazz bars.

How to add romance while travelling with children

Parents and child on a beach

We know that sometimes, idyllic romantic holidays, the stuff of films, are not wholly achievable. Families take precedence and children become part of your romantic holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for your partner.  

Travelling with children may well influence your choice in accommodation, but no matter what kind of hotel or room you select, try to secure one with adjoining rooms. This gives you (and them) privacy when needed, with the ability to still connect as a family too.

Another possibility for ensuring you get some time together as a couple on your romantic holidays is to travel with a larger group of family or friends who also have children. This way, your parents or friends will be able to look after the kids while you enjoy a date night or two.  You can return the favour and mind their children for their date night.

Depending on your hotel, there are often activities equipped to give parents the day or night off and enjoy their holiday together. Hotels often offer a Kids Club full of activities to keep them entertained – you might even find they prefer it! Otherwise, there are often activities – watersport classes etc. which they can attend while you watch and enjoy a cocktail together on the beach.


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