Planning A Group Holiday Without The Stress

There’s something very special about going on holiday with your friends. It’s a chance to experience some of the best times of your life together. Not having to write a postcard home to tell them of your amazing adventures. For many it’s the perfect chance to catch-up, for others it’s a change of scenery from the local pub. But however ideal this sounds, it can be a huge stress too.

Text messaging groups take a bashing, and there’s always at least one complication in the booking of a hotel. In fact, by the time your trip arrives you need a holiday just to deal with the stress. It needn’t be this way though. They’re your friends and there are plenty of amicable ways to make things run smoothly from start to finish.

Here are our top tips for planning a getaway with your friends…

Meet Beforehand

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Whether you’ve decided on a destination or not, meeting up beforehand is the best thing you can do. Many things can get lost during calls and endless threads of text messages, so meeting up over a drink is the ideal place to sit down and discuss everything you want to get out of your trip away.

Firstly, a destination can be decided. There’s no doubt there will be some element of compromise, and being sat around together, all free to discuss their wishes, will allow everyone to get their feelings across off and the holiday off to be the best possible start.

Perhaps two friends would rather sit on a beach and relax taking a trip to the Canaries, whilst a group of others would rather discover a country’s history. There are plenty of places which cater to everyone’s needs.

Not only will you manage to sort all this out, it’ll also build a lot of excitement and have you counting down the days until take off.

Split Duties Amongst Everyone

Naturally someone will take control of the trip and be a leader, but they’re also most likely to become stressed out about the whole thing. By splitting out jobs it gives everyone the opportunity to have their input and take the pressure off a singular person.

Not only that but it allows different minds to work, perhaps your friend will discover a tourist hotspot or suggest a day trip which you simply wouldn’t have?

Most of all however, it allows more focus on specific parts of your holiday. If one person is dedicated to finding restaurants and bars to eat and drink at – make sure the fussiest person chooses this one, believe us – then they don’t become an oversight and can become a key part of your plan.

The same applies to things to do. It all adds up to a more organised trip, and being organised definitely helps when away with your friends.

Give Everyone a Chance To Do Something

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Despite being friends, each of you will likely have different interests, some may be football fanatics, others could be interested in the world of art. Allow each other the opportunities to do what they wish without fuss.

What’s useful is to get everyone to write a list of things they would like to do whilst away and between you all tick off as many as you can. The likelihood is that some attractions will appear more than once, in which case you then have some must-dos in which to centre your trip around.

Entertaining everyone’s ideas gives each person something to look forward to, and in any case you could find something interesting you simply never thought you would.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Your Own Thing

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But whilst everyone should entertain each other’s ideas, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be afraid of going off and doing your own thing. In fact, it may help. Living in your friends’ pocket can cause friction from time to time so going away and spending time doing something you enjoy should be no cause for concern.

Equally, if you would prefer to sit in the park and while away an hour in the sun rather than visit a gallery or museum, then do it, and catch up later, ready for a fun evening eating fine food and drink.

Don’t Be Scared To Discuss Money And Budgets

Perhaps most importantly, don’t be scared to discuss money. It’s one of the biggest cruxes when holidaying and can make or break friendships. However, it really doesn’t have to be the case. It’ll be no secret that some of your friends earn more money than others so confront this before you go away and set up clear budgets to stick to.

Not only will this put peoples mind at ease, but it will also give you clear ideas on where you can and can’t visit allowing you to hone your trip more from which attractions you visit, to where you eat. The Guardian usually has good guides on budget places to eat all over Europe, and they’re usually fantastic.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable when away, and sorting out budgets beforehand will ease this considerably, ensuring you all have a fabulous time with the people you love.

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