New Year, New Celebrations: A Guide On Where To Party This NYE

It’s getting to that time of year when New Year’s Eve plans are starting to get organised, and the panic of not quite knowing what to do is setting in. You’ve Christmas to worry about first after all. But instead of deciding where in town you should spend your evening, who you’re going to kiss on the stroke of midnight, or which family member’s armchair you’ll fall asleep on, why not consider making this one truly unforgettable?

Every year we see fireworks lighting up landmarks and putting smiles on faces across the world on our TV sets, but why not book a last minute flight and head right to the heart of the action?

Last year we highlighted some incredible cities to visit for NYE, and once again here are five more perfect for seeing in 2016…



The dong of Big Ben and fireworks shooting high into the sky, overlooking the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the city’s magnificent silhouette is one of the most iconic sights in the world. Up to half a million people visit the city every year to watch the displays, but it isn’t just on the banks of the Thames where London at New Year is fabulous.

Many visitors also congregate in Trafalgar Square, where a big screen usually shows all the action, whilst the bars in areas such as Shoreditch and Hoxton are bustling with everyone ready to celebrate midnight coming in.



There’s really no place like Prague, particularly in the latter part of the year when it becomes a winter wonderland, and on NYE the people really show the world how to party.

Like everywhere on the planet, fireworks kick-start the celebrations at midnight, with the castle becoming illuminated by explosions of greens, blues, and reds, whilst in the squares such as Wenceslas and the Old Town, people gather and kick off their own celebrations.

Naturally, with beer a big part of the city, the bars are jam-packed with people raising a glass to each other and enjoying time with their loved ones. The nightlife in the city is fantastic without it being a night to celebrate, with places such as Double Trouble, Club Lavka, and Chapeau Rouge perfect for dancing the night away and the new year in.


nye 3

You’d probably associate the Portuguese island of Madeira as an island ideal for a summer holiday, taking in the pristine white beaches and the 25°C heat. But for an island with a population just half the size of the city of Manchester, it sure knows how to celebrate.

The island itself welcomes around a million tourists every year, with the island as popular as the Canaries for year-round holidays. However, where it stands on its own is with its New Year’s Eve party which has the largest fireworks shows in the world.

Taking place in Funchal, the island’s capital, the fireworks can be watched from land or the sea, with many ships and boats throwing parties and soaking up the magnificent displays which last for a good 10 minutes.

Walt Disney World

nye 4

A holiday to Disney World in Orlando is the stuff of dreams for children, so imagine them being allowed to stay up until 1am with the likes of Minnie and Mickey?

Disney World opens until the early hours on NYE and has huge displays with all your favourite characters to welcome in a new and exciting year. Epcot is usually the most exciting place with DJs keeping the music flowing from the pavilions, whilst the fireworks on the lake are truly spectacular.

The Magic Kingdom also has a whole range of activities going on, whilst the restaurants and resorts have all manner of events to entertain whether you’re with your whole family, partner, or a group of friends.


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During the winter months Reykjavik is plundered into darkness for 20 hours a day, but that simply means that by the time the clock strikes 12, they’re certainly ready to party.

Bonfires are lit across the nation to burn away the troubles of the previous year, and music is blasted out from every house party and bar around to sing and dance to ready for a fantastic year ahead.

As it closes in you’ll find many people gathering around the likes of Perlan, Landakotskirkja, and other landmarks to watch the firework displays that transform the sky from darkness into a rainbow of colour. Partying continues until the early hours with many pubs and bars open until 5am with many of the folk who have managed to party the distance heading towards the hot springs in the morning to work off their hangovers.

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