New security measures for UK flights

Have you heard about the new airline security measures that have been introduced by the Government?

They’ve announced that all flights coming in and out of the UK will be subject to these measures: all passengers flying into or out of the UK are being advised to ensure electronic and electrical devices in hand luggage are sufficiently charged to be switched on. This includes all portable gadgets such as phones, tablets, MP3 Players, electric shavers and laptops.

You can charge your devices at the airport but ABTA are recommending that demand for this is likely to be immense so it’s best to have your devices fully charged before you arrive. They’ve also said that ‘if you are unable to demonstrate that your phone or other electronic device can be switched on, you risk having to leave the device at the airport, which may also result in you missing your flight’. Be sure to also turn on your electronic device before you reach security check areas as this will help save time and keep the queues down.

So… make sure anything and everything electrical that you’re taking in your hand luggage is fully charged before you leave for the airport and make sure you do the same whilst abroad before you board the flight home.


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