Munich & Oktoberfest

Munich is in the Bavarian region of Germany, famed for its sausages! Munich has the air of a bustling city but at the same time keeps its small town charm.  Other than the sausages, Munich is famous for the world largest festival – Oktoberfest.

The 16 day festival is held annually, this year is runs from the 22nd of September until the 7th October. It has been held in the city since 1810. Many people wear lederhosen and Dirndl and traditional Bavarian hats that have a tuft of goat’s hair.

The beer that is sold at Oktoberfest has to be between 5.8% and 6.3% alcohol. The event is family friendly. Since 2005 there has been a “quiet Oktoberfest”. This means the music is quieter and often more traditional. The largest tent is the Hippodrom which serves normal beers and sparkling wines. This is considered the trendier tents.


As well as the alcohol, food plays a large part in Oktoberfest. There are the traditional Bavarian sausages, dumplings and chicken. In the Hochreiter’s tent their BBQ experts prepare pork knuckles in the only hazenbraterei beer. Poschner’s tent is one to hunt out. This famous roasted chicken and duck has been a tradition for four generations.

There are lots of small tents and entertainment as well as the fair to keep the whole family entertained.
Munich is Germany’s cultural centre, known for its art, futuristic football stadium and architecture. Oktoberfest and Munich is definitely one to put into your diary this year!

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