Mmmm, The Top 10 Chocolatiers From Across The Globe

Mmmm, The Top 10 Chocolatiers From Across The Globe

Like love, chocolate is a universal language. And if there’s one thing that we do love, it’s chocolate. From the smooth texture of mouth-watering milk chocolate, to the crisp honeycomb which perfectly combines, to the Turkish centres which really are a delight, the work of a chocolatier can often be nothing short of a masterpiece.
And whilst you might be forgiven for thinking we’ve just opened an article on the world’s 10 best chocolatiers from across the planet by describing a Cadbury’s Crunchie and Fry’s Turkish Delight, we’re talking chocolate on a whole different level. Chocolate worth packing your bags and jetting off to taste. Chocolate worth taking an extra suitcase to pack it full for your journey back. But where can you find such incredible taste? Well look no further than these masters of chocolate making…

William Curley, UK

Based in Richmond, a plush suburban town just eight miles from London and home to the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Sir Trevor McDonald, and Pete Townshend, William Curley is perhaps the finest chocolate maker in Britain.

Having worked at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants under the likes of Raymond Blanc, Marco Pierre White, and Marc Meneau, he became the youngest Chef Patissier at The Savoy before opening his first boutique with his wife – and equally respected pâtissière – Suzue in 2004. Today, the pair have a concession in Harrods, and boutiques in Belgravia, meaning even if you don’t wish to head out of the city, some of the world’s finest chocolate is readily available.

Confiserie Sprüngli, Switzerland
The Swiss are renowned for their excellent chocolate, and at Sprüngli in the very heart of Zurich, they’ve been producing it for over 175 years.

With such a long history it’s had quite the past, beginning when Rudolf Sprüngli began making chocolate and confectionary until the business split in two, with the chocolate becoming independently known as Lindt & Sprüngli, or simply Lindt to you and me.

However, Sprüngli is still going strong and is internationally known for its Luxemburgerli, its signature macaron which it’s been selling since 1957.

Godiva, Belgium
One of the most famous confectioners on the planet, Godiva chocolates are simply to die for and along with the other stunning chocolate makers, people flock on Belgian holidays every year to sample their delights just a stone’s throw from where it all started.

The Godiva story starts in Brussels, where Pierre Draps Senior began to perfect the art of smooth, creamy pralines. Today it’s sold in over 80 countries around the world but the chocolate museum in the Belgian capital along with the factory makes sure you know exactly where it’s come from.

Galler Chocolatier

Another Belgian institution, Galler takes luxury desserts all the way up to heaven. Born into a family of confectioners, Jean Galler launched his own enterprise at just 21-years-old and 35 years on has become one of the most respected in Belgium and beyond.

Today he employs more than 100 staff to keep up with demand, with three shops in Brussels and bars being sold as far as Lebanon.

Jacques Torres Chocolate, USA
Across the pond in the USA, chocolate equally as luxurious is being moulded with Jacques Torres affectionately known as ‘Mr. Chocolate’, and there’s no higher esteem than that.

Opening his chocolate shop in 2000 in the heart of New York City, his commitment to creating fresh, authentic, and handmade chocolates has catapulted him to one of the most famous chocolate makers in the world, even preparing dinner for a fund-raiser for President Obama.

Teuscher, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps is one of the most beautiful settings on the planet. Snow topped peaks line the landscape creating a truly inspiring location. For Dolf Teuscher that inspiration led him to making chocolate.

He blended a perfect recipe, taking his chocolate to Zurich’s famous Bahnhofstrasse his skills became the talk of the town and today his chocolate can be found in stores throughout the world.

Richart, France

One of France’s most prestigious culinary families, the Richart family are dedicated to providing us with the most enhanced chocolate flavours in a box which is truly iconic when it comes to Parisian confectionary.

Winners of the Ruban Bleu a staggering seven times, boxes of chocolates can cost up to £550, but they really are worth every penny.

Puccini Bomboni, Netherlands

Amsterdam can be a confusing city with all its canals, but if you’re a real chocolate lover then your senses will lead you straight to Puccini Bomboni. With stores on Singel and Staalstraat, the chocolates follow the city’s attitude of over-indulgence and use only the finest natural ingredients.

Hand-making each chocolate in the shop, they infuse all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours that never fail to deliver, in fact they’re just another masterpiece to a city which already claims Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, USA
Hershey may have acquired Scharffen Berger Chocolate little over a decade ago but it doesn’t stop them from making chocolate from bean to bar.

The brand were the USA’s first artisan chocolate manufacturer, sourcing the world’s best cacao and bringing it back to San Francisco to deliver the very finest chocolate, to produce a flavour which is synonymous with Scharffen Berger.

Guido Gobino, Turin
Another bean to bar perfectionist, Guido Gobino are one of Italy’s most gorgeous chocolate makers who have produced and respected the ancient recipes of Turin for over 50 years. Giuseppe Gobino, the father of Guido learnt his craft throughout the 50s before introducing his son to the family tradition where, during the 90s and early 2000s, their brand took off and began to sell all over Italy.

International recognition shortly followed and during the 2006 Winter Olympics in their hometown, Guido Gobino was appointed Ambassador of Turin.


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