Love Is In The Air: The Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

Love Is In The Air: The Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

So you’ve proposed, and they said yes. But that’s far from job done and now the stress and nightmare of actually organising it begins. The diets to fit into your dress starts, and the agony of choosing who will be your best man reaches breaking point. However, it’s all worth it because not only will you love each other for better, for worse, through sickness and health, but also you’ll get to go on a once in a lifetime honeymoon.

It’s the calm after the storm. And there are some fabulously lovey-dovey destinations where you can put your feet up and enjoy the beginning of happily married life, but where should you choose? Where should be your first holiday as a married couple? As one?

As our wedding gift to you, we’ve highlighted the five most romantic trips for a honeymoon. Just make sure you throw us the bouquet…

You’re probably thinking there’s nothing more beautiful than your partner, enter The Maldives. The pearly white beaches and clear blue seas are truly stunning and the most idyllic setting to begin a marriage.

In fact, many choose to actually marry here. The private beaches – many islands are privately owned by resorts – are the perfect setting to walk down the aisle, whilst a candlelit meal on the beach also comes well recommended.

Aside from sipping cocktails in the many plush hotels, relaxing on the beach, and soaking up the sun, a trip to Malé is a great location to be a little more active, visiting the many sights and restaurants on the island.

Naturally though, after the stresses of planning a wedding, you’ll want to kick back, and with 30 degree heat beating down, there’s no better place.

Naturally there are a lot of things you need to consider when honeymooning in Dubai, after all it’s against the law to kiss in public in the UAE, also it’s prohibited to reveal too much flesh, but that doesn’t stop it from being an unforgettable place to visit.

And what better time to take a Dubai holiday than during one of the biggest stages of your life. Dubai oozes luxury from the infamous Palm to the Burj Al Arab described as ‘The world’s only 7-star hotel’, and all around are world-class restaurants, and shopping malls featuring the finest designers.

It really is a holiday of pure opulence, although there are some traditional aspects too. The souks are well worth a look where you can pick up a range of textiles, spices, and even gold.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a prettier city than Florence in the very heart of Italy. You cannot help but sense the air of romance with its rustic buildings and 18th century palace overlooking the calm Arno River.

Every side street is lined with fabulous pizzerias and cafes bursting with authentic Italian flavour, whilst the small boutique shops offer fabulous items in the birthplace of Gucci and Roberto Cavalli. Michelangelo and Raphael were also born in the city, so you’ll be in good company with their works notable throughout its galleries.

Take your partner up to the top of Brunellesci’s cathedral dome and you’ll fall in love all over again, capping off the most incredible honeymoon.

Quebec City
Quebec City is one of North America’s oldest cities, and boy is it one of the most impressive too. When winter falls and the ground is white it’s a spectacular sight in which you can’t help but want to wrap your arms around your partner.

Cozy bars line the streets where you can cuddle up by the fire and toast a magical holiday and the hotels are beyond magnificent. The Chateau Frontenac is like a castle and is one of Canada’s famous Canada Pacific Hotels. Built in 1893 it features over 600 rooms and if you’re lucky enough to stay in one, then you’re in for a real treat.

The Old Town is the perfect place for a stroll and is as romantic as Florence when it comes to its charm, making it a city you really will never forget.

Filled with fantasy, Hawaii is both a honeymoon that can continue the new adventure and one where you can sit back, relax and recuperate from a stressful build up.

Across the state’s main islands there are dozens of five star hotels where you can live the life of luxury before crossing the threshold back home as a married couple, and there are plenty of once in a lifetime activities too.

A walk through the Volcanoes National Park is a magical experience and includes a museum and art centre to find out more. Elsewhere, apart from the pristine beaches to kick back on, Pearl Harbour is a must as well as trying your hand at watersports which are incredibly popular. It’s the best chance to combine an active holiday with a relaxed one, and a honeymoon everybody will envy.


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