Long haul winter getaways – the Dominican Republic

Located in the Caribbean Sea the Dominican Republic spreads languidly over two thirds of the island of Hispaniloa and it is a truly beautiful escape destination.

It has wildly stunning scenery that is as diverse as it is impressive. A mix of mountains, desert, tropical rainforests and paradise-beach landscapes combine to make a mesmerising location perfect for all manner of holiday makers.

Flying to the Dominican Republic takes about 9-12 hours (depending on the carrier). The currency is the Dominican Peso and the main language of the island is Spanish. Luxurious, all-inclusive beach-front hotels mingle with smaller and more personal accommodation meaning that there really is something that suits every holiday style. For an authentic Dominican Republic experience travelers can board the traditional Guaguas, which are local buses that are usually very busy and filled with the bustle of local day-to-day life. They are extremely safe to use and tourists are always invited on with a warm welcome.

One of the Dominican Republic’s most popular resorts is the capital city Santo Domingo, which melts together the traditional with the modern, the historical with the contemporary (including a nightclub hidden away in a cave) and cosmopolitan city-life with immaculately beautiful beaches.  The city is an urban gem with museums, parks, shopping, nightlife, restaurants and bars and makes for an exciting tourist destination teeming with Dominican electricity and character. hilton

Lying to the East of the Dominican Republic is the Punta Cana resort, with 12 professional golf courses and the kind of beaches that dreams of paradise are made of.  The warm crystal water laps white sand whilst lazy palm trees fringe the backdrop and the ocean is shallow and calm, making it perfect for families to enjoy. Dolphin Island is a floating island on which holidaymakers can swim with trained dolphins and helicopter rides are available to allow guests of the island the appreciate the aerial beauty of Punta Cana.

Bayahibe is a third popular resort which attracts travelers wanting to indulge in the Dominican Republic’s beautiful marine life. Scuba-diving and snorkeling is extremely popular here with 3 underwater shipwrecks to explore. Deep-sea fishing, a variety of water sports and a nature reserve all lend themselves to holiday makers seeking a little adventure, whilst the unspoiled and quintessentially Caribbean beaches beckon those wanting relaxation and the chance to unwind.

The temperature in the Dominican Republic is pleasant all year round, with constant summery temperatures averaging at around 28ºC to 31ºC. The humidity of the tropical climate can make temperatures feel a little higher but the cooling sea-breeze can counter-act this. Tourist season runs from December – February and July-August, making this destination perfect for a Christmastime or New Year getaway.

Boca Chica beach at sunset

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