Las Vegas: A Kid’s Guide for having the Best Holiday Ever

Las Vegas is often seen as a playground for adults, but the REAL fun is for the kids. You won’t want to gamble and drink once you’ve discovered the amazing ways you can have a Las Vegas experience from a kid’s perspective. Prepare for chocolate galore, animal extravaganza and adventure heaven.

Scream with Joy at AdverntureDome

AdventureDome is America’s largest theme park, offering a whole day of indoor fun and thrills that caters for all with a wide variety of yummy eateries. Whether you fantasise about the sensation of a fast roller coaster or prefer calmer activities like mini golf, AdventureDome has something for everyone.

Experience Chocolate Heaven at M&M World

Love M&Ms? Us too! At M&M World you can explore four floors of chocolate mania. Create your own personalised key chains, charms, mugs, ID tags and even customised M&Ms – what’s better than chocolate with your name on it? With enchanting colours, vibrant music, and an interactive 3D film in the M&M’s movie theatre, it’s nearly impossible to be bored.

Las Vegas 2

Admire the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Immerse your senses in this rare aquarium experience; the experience transports people into the underworld of the unknown where they can see the sea in a whole different perspective with sights of the ocean inhabitants. Expect to see an array of dangerous and unique sea creatures, as well as a shipwrecked temple exhibit which can be viewed from 360°. Don’t resist temptation – touch everything you can! The Touch Pool encourages tourists to feel and play with a large selection of sea creatures, including over 100 different species. With over 1,200 species in the whole aquarium, make the most and visit as many beasts as you can. But make sure you save time for the endangered Komodo dragon, the largest species in the lizard family.

Test Your Skills at GameWorks

From the hottest new games to the retro old school favourites, ignite your inner child with your children. There’s over 200 games, a restaurant, a bar and two snack bars. Entertaining the young and the old, many websites like Groupon offer an All-Day Game Pass for $20 for one, giving you access to unlimited games. Nominated the ‘Best Arcade 2015’; embrace the opportunity to visit one of the few places in the world you can play games, eat, drink, watch sports and participate in eSports all under one roof.

Las Vegas 3

Sweeten Your Trip With Hershey’s Chocolate World

Two floors filled with over 800 types of Hershey’s. Have you gone to heaven? No, you’re just in Hershey’s Chocolate World. Chocolate bars, syrup bottles, chocolate dispensers, freshly made baked goods and basically everything you could wish for is ALL in this one building. If copious amounts of chocolate doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then maybe starring in your own Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup advert might be more your thing. It’s probably not too often that you get a photo opportunity with a Statue of Liberty replica made from Hershey’s Milk Chocolate or a replica of the Empire State Building made from 1,800 Hershey’s bars, so you might want to take this chance while it’s here.

Take a Relaxing Gondola Ride at The Venetian

Las Vegas is full of energy and action, so take a break and float down the Grand Canal at The Venetian in an authentic gondola. Step into Venice without having to walk anywhere; slowly glide through the indoor lagoon and see the Venetian streets, traditional Italian-inspired architecture and if you’re lucky, you might be blessed with the gift of a sweet song from your personal Gondolier. The ride lasts around 15 minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze this peaceful activity into your Vegas adventure.

WetnWild Orlando

Let Your Hair Loose at Wet ‘N’ Wild

If the gondola ride is too tame for your liking, let your hair loose and go crazy at Wet ‘N’ Wild. There are over 25 slides and rides; ranging from a funnel that flings you through the air into a splash pool, to a flume which carries a raft full of people sliding around twists and turns. However, if the gondolas were more your cup of tea, there’s also a lazy river where you can once again relax and float on by. Perfect for a sunny day, there are private cabanas to unwind and enjoy the sun or cool yourself in the shade.

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