Ibiza Out Of Season: The Life And Soul Of A Different Party

Ibiza is a real party capital. Some of the most renowned nightclubs are based on the tiny island with millions of clubbers touching down every summer to enjoy the season. Alongside those clubbers are world-class DJs, internationally recognised superstars, and music fans, all looking to sample what Ibiza has to offer.

But what happens when summer finishes, the DJs pack up and the pool parties stop causing a splash?

Well, Ibiza continues to be a truly stunning island with plenty to do all year round.

During the off season, Ibiza is a much quieter place, there’s no doubt about that. It’s free of the afternoon raves and teenagers staggering towards their resorts in the early hours. There’s a sense of calm, it’s hangover free, and just waiting to be explored.

The winter months may not be the warmest in Ibiza, with temperatures of around 15-16°C between November and January, but its pleasant enough, and the perfect conditions to drag yourself away from the beach and towards these attractions which make Ibiza fabulous on or off season.

Experience The Old Town

ibiza 1

A large proportion of Ibiza is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Old Town is a real treat to take a tour around.

From the harbour it looks truly beautiful and as you navigate through the small alleyways, and scale the old fort wall, you’ll uncover an Ibiza which is a far cry from the likes of Space and Pacha. The Catedral de Santa Maria is at the very centre of this, sitting proudly at the top of the hill. Dating back to 16th century, the cathedral has been the focal point for locals for hundreds of years and today it keeps a large collection of art.

It’s a place where you certainly need to swap the sandals for comfortable shoes, with it a fair ascent to the top of the hill. In fact, Dalt Vila actually translates to ‘elevated village’. But what you get with an elevated village is a truly stunning view.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

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Ibiza has become well known over the years for its shopping from large department stores, to stylish boutiques and galleries, as well as markets that are comfortable some of the best in Spain.

The hippy markets are remnants of a different era of the island when the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and many other huge acts spent time on there during the 60s and early 70s. Their influence is still noticeable today, and at the markets you can pick up a trinket or two.

The Las Dalias market of San Carlos is one of the largest on the island and is open all year round and alongside fantastic stalls there are Moroccan tea tents and even live entertainment to keep you entertained as you peruse an array of dream catchers, garments, and jewellery to take home to your family.

Visit Cala D’Hort

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You couldn’t get further away from the clubs, bright lights, and built up hotels than at Cala D’Hort a beach to the very west of the island. Enclosed from the rest of Ibiza by rolling hills and lines of trees and flora, it’s the perfect place to escape and peer over to one of the island’s most beautiful sights, Es Vedra.

There are a number of restaurants lining the beachfront as well as within walking distance, ideal for grabbing a spot of lunch before exploring the cliff tops all the way down to Torre d’es Savinar, a small watchtower with incredible views.

Discover Es Vedra

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According to legend, Es Vedra is the third most magnetic spot on the planet and was home to the sirens who tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. This is amongst many other tales which make it a truly mysterious place.

Taking a cruise around the rock is simply a must on any holiday to Ibiza, capturing its magnificence from every angle and getting up close and personal to the island which has more than a story or two to tell.

Eat Fish And Be Merry

ibiza 5

During peak season Sa Caleta is one of the busiest beaches in Ibiza, but as soon as the tourists pack up and head home, it’s an amazing place to discover. The picturesque cove is awash with colour from the turquoise water, to the bright red cliffs which carve out the beach, yet it’s actually the fish restaurant which receives the most plaudits.

And rightly so. Sa Caleta Restaurant is open all year round and is popular amongst both tourists and locals. With a terrace peeking out to offer a view of the cove it only adds to the experience, and you won’t find fresher dishes anywhere on the island.

It’s a place perfect for rounding off a trip, and with a nice bottle of wine you can raise a glass to out of season Ibiza, a place which brings its own kind of party.

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