How to Take the Perfect Instagram Holiday Snap

There are some people who always seem to take flawless pictures on Instagram – Kimmy K we’re looking at you! For the rest of us, doubling-up on filters is a sure-fire way to make even the most jet-lagged complexion look red-carpet worthy. While Kim Kardashian admits to taking up to 300 snaps at a time in order to get THE picture, this isn’t always possible. In fact, there’s even more pressure to get the perfect snap quickly when you’re on your travels – especially knowing that you may not have the chance to see the same landmarks again. We’ve put together some tips and hacks to help you take holiday snaps that won’t lose you followers.

Little Moments App

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Many of the filters on Instagram are very dark, which is great for selfies but less so for landscapes. The Little Moments App has some brighter filters which really make scenery pop. We love ‘popsicle’ and ‘candy’ for beach scenes, while ‘daisy’ sets off those verdant landscapes. Chantelle Ellem, who designed Little Moments, worked with some top photographers offering them the chance to design their own filters – Sydney photographer Rowe Timson’s addition is one of our favourites. The app is available on iTunes and also offers a range of stickers, plus the ability to personalise your photos by including text.

Instagram Toolbox

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The toolbox on Instagram is your best friend. Often overlooked, it can really help you save those holiday pictures. If you’ve accidentally stood in the sun and the subject of your snap is shrouded in darkness, heightening the exposure will restore it. The sharpening tool is great for bringing out the detail in ‘macro’ shots – that’s photos where the subject is larger than real life, e.g. ladybirds and flowers, and by using the tilt-shift button you can blur out the background to guarantee your followers focus on the main subject in your snaps.


Isn’t it annoying when the landscape is perfect, but your skin is looking less sun-kissed and more sun-burnt, or the humidity is playing havoc with your hair? We don’t want to be vain, but there’s nothing worse than refusing to show your friends that time you trekked to Macchu Picchu because frankly you look knackered. Facetune has lots of celebrity admirers, including those Kardashian sisters, and allows you to fine-tune your appearance, from blurring out blemishes to lengthening your neck and hair. Just avoid going too far though, you want your friends to actually recognise you.

Photo Collage

Collage of some pictures of different landmarks in Paris, France such as the Eiffel Tower, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, some bridges above the Seine River and some other

There are times when you want to share photos of every course of that amazing Michelin star meal that you just devoured, but you’re also worried that flooding Instagram will lose you followers. This is when Photo Collage comes in use. The app lets you share multiple photographs at the same time and allows you to get creative in the process, amending and repositioning snaps as you like.

Photo Timer

If you’re travelling solo, be sure to invest in Photo Timer. The app has countdown settings from 2-300 seconds so you have plenty of time to get into frame and strike that pose before the shutter goes off. The app is ideal for groups, enabling you to get everyone into the backdrop.

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