How far does €50 get you in Europe’s most visited cities?

Budgeting for holidays is a hotly debated topic for many. The price differences between cities can vary considerably. €50 in one destination can last all day, but only until lunchtime elsewhere.

For those of you planning a holiday in Europe and Turkey, we have collated the data* on the 12 most visited cities of 2018 – taking into account transport, food, drink and cultural attractions – to determine how far €50 gets you.

Read on to discover what €50 gets you in the most popular destinations.

How much do you need for 24 hours

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London is the most expensive European city to visit with €50

London has long boasted a reputation for expense and, for those travelling with a daily €50 budget to the UK capital, your budget will run out at 12:30. This is if you take into account breakfast, transport and, of course, the top-rated attraction in the city – Buckingham Palace.

Food and drink prices come in as some of the most expensive, second only to Paris. To experience two of the most iconic attractions (Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London), as well as indulge with a beer during lunch and a cocktail at night, it will cost you around €117.78 a day.

With the city welcoming over 20 million visitors in 2018 – a 4% growth on the previous year – it’s no surprise that London tops the list of most expensive European cities to visit.

Antalya tops the list for the cheapest destination

Both Istanbul and Antalya are in the top five most visited destinations of 2018 (considered to be European by many tourists and locals alike) – placing third and fifth respectively. They also round up our list of the cheapest destinations to visit with €50 per day, coming in first and third.

Your budget will not run out if you choose to visit these destinations for your 2019 holiday. In Antalya, in particular, you can enjoy a full day of visiting the most popular attractions, exploring the squares and dining throughout the day for as little as €31.

The same can be said for Istanbul, costing only €43 for a day of experiencing the greatest sights and tasting the local cuisine – including the beer.


€50 goes further in Rome than in Benidorm

Surprisingly, you can stretch your daily €50 holiday budget further in Rome than in Benidorm. Visiting Benidorm’s greatest attractions and spending a day in the resort town costs €14 more than experiencing the historic Italian city. 

Prague is almost three times cheaper than London

The sixth most popular European holiday destination of 2018 is almost three times cheaper than London. Those budgeting for €50 for 24 hours will have change left over from their day, with public transport costing less than €2 – along with the beer.

Prague’s most visited attractions, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, are also relatively cheap in comparison to the other cities on the list. To visit both landmarks during one day, you would only need a budget of €16.

Paris is the most expensive holiday destination for food and drink

Paris’ reputation for fine dining certainly rings true with our research. A full day of food and drink – a budget breakfast, lunch and evening meal, as well as a domestic beer and cocktail – takes you over the daily €50 budget by €7.

A cool pint of French beer with your lunch will set you back an average €6.35. If you were hoping for cheaper beer in London, you may be waiting a while; London is the second most expensive destination for hops.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Antalya is the cheapest holiday option for food and drink. It’s possible to enjoy the tastes of the Turkish city for only €17.

Surprisingly, the Irish capital, Dublin takes the no.4 spot for most expensive food and drink. Those allowing for €50 per day for their holiday budget will have to break the budget significantly, as food and drink in the city will cost €50.89. To witness the iconic sights, you will need a further €31.

Illustrated blue bar chart signifying price changes

Whether you are sticking to a tight budget or planning to overindulge on your holiday, it’s wise to include all factors to your holiday itinerary. And, if you are still on the hunt for more European options – check out our A-Z of holiday destinations.


*Destinations chosen based on the most visited European cities of 2018, according to the Euromonitor International report. Each destination features breakfast, lunch, evening meal, 1x beer, 1x cocktail, 2x one-way public transport tickets, 2x paid attractions and 1x free attraction.  

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