Hotels Vs Apartments: Why A Hotel Is Perfect For You

For many travelling to foreign climes the most important decision is where you’re going to stay. Are you going all inclusive, do you want to stay in the heart of the city or in a nice quiet spot on the hillside?

In fact, just deciding whether to stay in a hotel or serviced apartments can be one of the biggest decisions you have to make. Of course, it depends on a variety of factors, destination being the main one, but here is our argument for why a hotel is the perfect place to rest your head.

City Break? It’s no contest…

They’re Often Cheaper

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Generally, there’s a greater range of prices in the hotel market meaning you can always find something to fit your budget. You’ll often find a hotel is a cheaper option than an apartment in the short term, meaning a few days in a room will leave your pockets much more flush than simply a few days in an apartment.

Additionally, there’s usually a bargain to be had. The competitiveness of the hotel industry means there’s always a good deal on, it’s just a matter of finding them…

You Can Often Get The Benefits Of An Apartment In A Hotel

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One of the main draws about apartments are the on-site amenities you get with them.  In hot countries and on holidays in Lanzarote, the Canaries, and the Balearics, the inclusion of a pool is a major attraction, but hotels in these destinations also offer this, and if you’re in a major city you may be able to enjoy one too.

Just take a look at the image above, a simply gorgeous hotel swimming pool in the Hungary. You’ll find many places like this on a Budapest getaway, and Hotel Gellert has perhaps the finest example of this. You won’t find anything like that in the grounds of an apartment!

The Food, Glorious Food

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One of the beauties of staying in an apartment is that you’ll have a kitchen to cook whenever or whatever you feel like. Or at least that’s what you’ll be told when it comes to the benefits of staying in an apartment.

But who wants to be slaving away in a kitchen when they’re on holiday? Not us that’s for sure. The real beauty of staying in a hotel is that many hotel restaurants are utterly divine. You’ll find some of the world’s biggest chefs devising menus downstairs, with the smells of delectable cuisine wafting through reception.

And naturally if they don’t tempt your taste buds then they’ll likely be hundreds of other great dining options right on your doorstep.

One final thing, if you’ve planned a group holiday with friends, mornings can often be tough. You’ve perhaps sank a few too many drinks the night before and you’re craving some breakfast to get you through the day. Cook it yourself in an apartment, or go down to the dining area in a hotel for a lovely full English or other breakfast delights? We think we know the answer…

Room Service

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Or perhaps with a sore head and no energy to move, you don’t want to head downstairs. In which case, room service!

We don’t really need to explain the benefits of room service, the two words themselves say all we need to know about it. Yes, you may have to pay for it, and yes a concierge may have to see you in your dressing gown but with food delivered straight to your room, many can’t even get their partners to do that back home.

Fresh Towels and Clean Rooms

When renting an apartment or flat, if they aren’t serviced you’ll have to use the same towel for your entire stay. You’ll be in the same sheets, no mints on your pillow. Not even a restock of the mini-bar. Of course, this is perfectly fine, back home you don’t freshen everything up every day, but imagine how nice it would be if you did?

Well at a hotel you can enjoy just that. You might not even use the mini-bar, but you’ll feel much better in the knowledge that it will be restocked if you choose to indulge.

There’s nothing better than getting into bed with fresh seats. At a hotel this happens every day!

Apartments better than hotels? We’ll need some persuading…

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