Hotels Vs Apartments: The Case For Villas and Apartments

We’ve already heard about why a hotel may be a better than an apartment when going on holiday, but we don’t necessarily agree. In fact, not at all. Because there’s a great deal to be said for choosing an apartment over a hotel.

Villas and apartments can be some of the most luxurious places to stay on the planet, particularly when it comes to beach holidays and sunny destinations. So if that’s what you’re looking for, here is exactly why you should scrap the room service and book yourself an apartment. You won’t regret it…

A Much Bigger Space

Firstly, you’re likely to get a much bigger space if you book an apartment when going on holiday, which is usually required if you’re taking your family away.

Apartments are perfect for families with most having two or more rooms so you can keep your eye on the kids whilst having your own privacy. Additionally, they’re generally a much better place to kick back and relax, more often than not having sofas to enjoy a bit of downtime away from the midnight sun.

Essentially, unlike a hotel room they aren’t simply a place to sleep.

Better For Long Stays

Living in a hotel room can have a longevity of just a couple of days, whilst the space you have in an apartment is going to have a sofa, dining table, and other aspects we take for granted at home.

In a hotel it’s the complete opposite, you have to spend all your time perched on your bed with not much inside the four walls in which surround you.

Everything You Need

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If you’re a person who likes their creature comforts then it’s a non-decision when it comes to choosing a hotel or apartment. As previously mentioned there’s the space and home-like features, and a kitchen is perhaps the biggest draw of all.

It doesn’t matter what type of holiday you’re on, whether it be a holiday to Ibiza with a group of friends, or a relaxing family getaway to Lanzarote, not having to go out for breakfast is a real benefit. After all, the appeal of sitting around in your pyjamas with a breakfast sandwich is often greater than sourcing a café first thing in the morning.

The added bonus of a kitchen is also ideal for plenty of other reasons too. One of the best things about holidaying abroad is exploring all the wonderful markets they have to offer. In the likes of Lanzarote for example, Teguise Market has all manner of produce, with tons of amazing ingredients. The problem is, when you go on holiday and visit a market, often you can’t buy these ingredients because you won’t be able to make use of them and they might be too perishable to take home.

In an apartment complete with kitchen however, you can cook with these ingredients. You could create your own tapas dishes in the heart of the Spanish mainland, or perhaps a pot of goulash in a city centre apartment in Budapest. It’s an extra treat to make your trip even more exciting.

Much More Privacy

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For anyone heading for a lazy week soaking up the sun and forgetting the world around you, there’s a great deal of difference between checking into a hotel and spending a week in a villa, bungalow, or apartment. With the latter options you’ll likely have a balcony or private courtyard to sit back and relax in.

This isolation from a busy poolside which you’d find in the tower-block hotels of Benidorm is the perfect escape, and alone one of the major reasons why an apartment can beat a hotel hands down.

You can lie around for as long as you want, knowing you can head indoors for a moment without the fear of having your sun-lounger taken, or poolside activities distracting you from your book or afternoon nap.

No Noise From The Guests Upstairs

And that solitude transcends indoors too. You’ll have fewer neighbours and if there are any staying above you there will probably be no more than three, meaning minimum disruption.

That means no footsteps above your head first thing in the morning, and fewer holidaymakers strolling past your door in the early hours. It’s peace, quiet, tranquillity, whatever you wish to call it, but one thing is for sure, it certainly beats the hustle and bustle of a hotel.

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