Hollywood Hotels

With Alfie jetting off to Tinseltown for this week’s Where in the World Wednesday,  I thought I’d tell you all about a couple of Hollywood themed hotels! From Marilyn Monroe’s hotel suite to The 007 Suite, here’s your guide to the hotels that will get you feeling starstruck from check in to check out.

Happy Birthday Mr President…

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is well know for being the home of Marilyn Monroe for two years when she lived in the Cabana Suite 229, overlooking the pool. The same pool was, incidently, the backdrop for her first ever magazine shoot, which was for sun tan lotion- that’s your fact of the day for today! Rumour has it that the mirror in her suite, which is now in storage, is haunted by her ghost, and apparantly employees have claimed to see a young blonde woman in the reflection. I do wonder though… are these hoteliers/ aspiring actresses perhaps young and blonde by any chance!? Another Hollywood link is that suites in this hotel were used in the filming of Catch me if you can starring Leonardo Di Caprio… swoon!

Shaken, not stirred…

If you’re adventurous, cunning and more than a little bit sexy, Hotel Seven is the place for you. Fuel your inner Parisian spy with a stay in the 007 Suite where you can enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere of being James Bond for a night (I’ll leave that to your imagination!). This is definitely a hotel room that Bond would approve of- mirrors all over the place, a comfy settee for entertaining guests and even a golden gun lamp. One for any action seeking holidaymakers!

Luke… I am your Travel Agent…

The Siri Driss Hotel in Tunisia is an underground labyrinth made up of 5 pits and vaulted rooms, where scenes from several Star Wars films have been shot. The hotel then becomes part of the homestead of  the Lars family, providing a courtyard and dining room for the fantasy films, and is the location of the famous scene when Luke Skywalker is given blue milk prepared in the kitchen! Just another hotel that is out of this world.

To the Batmobile, Robin!

Crazy about cartoons? I have the perfect hotel for you, and it’ll only take a hop skip and a jump over to Taiwan to visit it. Stay at the Eden Hotel in Kaohsiung City, where rooms are rented by the hour (yes! By the hour! 3 hours will cost you $50) and you can stay in this slightly bizarre Batman themed room. If you’re more of a Catwoman kind of person, you can also stay in a suite dedicated to the feisty feline. Purrrfect!

Pretty Woman…

Voted as the world’s best hotel bathroom scene in a poll by hotel chain Travelodge, Julia Roberts’ bath with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman is part of pretty much an entire film set in a hotel! The hotel’s exterior and lobby were filmed at the 5* Beverly Hills Wilshire.

Down the rabbit hole …

Another one of Hotel Seven’s fantastic Parisian creations, the Alice in Wonderland suite will most certainly whet your appetite for a mad hatter’s tea party in Paris! With 10 psychedelic lighting settings, this mini wonderland is full of fun and exciting, and let’s face it, downright weird features. From a rabbit jumping out of the wall to two toilets with a chess board between them and clocks all over the wall, get set to lose yourself in the mystical world full of surprises.


Congratulations to Deidre Barton, Dave Kam and Roisin Mc Glade who have all won an Alfie toy, and to Chris Newell who has won a £25 alpharooms.com voucher as part of this week’s Where in the World Wednesday! Well done to the other 331 people who correctly entered… make sure you check back next week for your chance to win!

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