Holiday Breakdown: More Stress Than It’s Worth?


Holiday Breakdown

Finding the perfect work-life balance can be hard, and many of us look forward to our holidays as a way of resetting our systems. However, what a lot of us find is that holidays can be equally stressful as day to day life, thanks to a whole host of triggers such as remembering insurance and finding the right hotel.

Here at, we believe that your holiday should be as stress free as possible – whether you’re enjoying the Canary Island breeze in  in your Lanzarote holiday, partying it up at your Benidorm holiday or even just planning holidays to Majorca – all stages of going away should be simple, stress free and the perfect way for you to unwind.

We have carried out research to find out what the biggest cause of stress is when holidaying, with the results set out in our infographic below. We’ve also compiled some handy tips on how to reduce these stressors, so you can come back from your holiday feeling relaxed and happy!

Holiday stress breakdown


The biggest cause of stress when planning your holiday is, unsurprisingly, sticking to a budget. Choosing an all inclusive hotel is a great way of managing budgets during your holiday as you won’t need to pay out for food, drinks or transfers. Alternatively, finding out if your hotel offers deals with attractions can cut back costs, and some websites offer discounted passes when buying multiple tickets.


Worrying about leaving important documents behind is a major concern for holiday goers, but other concerns include toiletries, forgetting to buy travel insurance, and leaving your money behind at home. Make a list before you pack and check items off to avoid any last minute panic, and start your packing a week before – no leaving it until the night before!

Staying healthy

For many of us, a holiday is the chance to let our hair down and go wild on the food and drink. Unfortunately, this can leave you feeling sluggish, bloated and unhealthy. There are plenty of ways to avoid overdoing it while you’re away – most destinations offer delicious but healthy food such as grilled fish, and swapping sugar laden cocktails for wine can make a big difference. Getting up and exploring the country you’re in is also a great way of getting in some fresh air and exercise as well as finding beautiful scenery.

Data charges

Unsurprisingly in a social media and internet obsessed world, data charges are a big concern for those going away. Double check with your provider what packages they do for travelling abroad as it is cheaper to get add-ons than pay charges, and find out which areas your hotel offers free Wifi in. Most cafes and bars abroad will offer free Wifi, meaning you’re able to stay connected while out and about.



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