Head to Head: Ibiza vs Majorca

Head to Head: Ibiza vs Majorca

These two Balearic Islands are located just 86 miles from each-other, putting them in close competition as holiday destinations. They share lots of similarities: they’re both European party capitals with long histories, beautiful beaches and tourist town hotspots. They’re both also home to the Rocks brand hotels, where you can enjoy music, excitement and endless partying with like-minded holidaymakers. With Magalluf heading up the party scene in Majorca and San Antonio being the major player in Ibiza, it’s easy to see why there is a difficult decision to make between the two.

Ibiza and Majorca both have diverse pasts, creating their own unique cultures despite being only a stone’s throw away from each other. With just 3 and a half hours by boat between them, it’s pretty easy to experience both of these great islands. So what exactly should be sampled in each? Read on…



Historically, the two islands both began life in a very similar fashion. Both welcomed the Phoenicians as their first settlers, before the Romans arrived and numerous settlements started to emerge (most notably the major ports we know and love today). Remains of their habitation are still recognisable today with many sites across the islands a must-see for tourists. The ramparts in Ibiza Town and the Pollentia Roman ruins in Alcudia are some of the finest examples of Roman existence in the Balearics; they make great day trips, particularly the ramparts with stunning views over the Old Town and the Mediterranean Sea.


A far cry from the Romans…

Modern day Ibiza and Majorca couldn’t be further away from their ancient origins. They say ‘do as the Romans do’, but when it comes to partying Ibiza and Majorca have their own amazing way of doing things. Hence their unbeatable reputations when it comes to nightlife.

Magalluf is the destination of choice for those seeking party It is home to Majorca Rocks, Project Club, and Boomerang, and welcomes DJs such as David Guetta, Tiesto, and Tim Westwood. The town is also full of great deals and offers – perfect for the holidaymaker on a budget.


Across the water lies Ibiza, an island that’s been famous for its nightlife for years – much longer than the relatively new Magalluf. Ibiza has always had a party spirit, from the 1960s when it was the epitome of the hippy culture to the 1970s when the likes of Pacha and Amnesia opened. This helped kick start the acid house scene, bringing us up to present day where it’s more popular than ever before. San Antonio is often cited as the capital of the club world and welcomes millions of tourists every year. Each one leaves mesmerised by an unforgettable atmosphere that can’t be matched anywhere in the world – not even in Majorca.

Other activities

However, as mentioned in the intro, Ibiza and Majorca are far from simply party islands; they have huge amounts to offer elsewhere. Majorca is six times larger than its neighbour and with that comes a huge amount of attractions, most notably, beaches.

The island is renowned for its beaches, so if it’s a beach holiday you’re looking for then there is no contest. Majorca boasts a staggering 306, most of which are pristine and the ideal place to kick back and relax.

Majorca’s main draw is the city of Palma, the largest city in the Balearic Islands. Almost half of the island’s population live in Palma, which also plays host to stunning architecture and has lots of things to see and do. Like most places in the Balearics, Palma has a number of impressive castles and forts. Bellver Castle, to the northwest of the city, was built in 1311 and was the first of very few circular castles in Europe. It has an intriguing history from resisting sieges and revolts to being used as a military prison. Today it’s a museum which tells the tales of its incredible past as well as the history of Palma itself.


Forts and castles are prominent in Ibiza too, albeit in less dramatic fashion than Majorca. Most of the exciting things to do relatively are new additions to the island. Aguamar Waterpark is one of Ibiza’s star attractions, located in the popular Playa d’en Bossa area of the island. Located directly behind Space, it regularly sees visitors spend their days soaking up the sun and thrill-seeking on the slides before partying in one of the world’s hottest nightspots.

So Ibiza vs Mallorca?

The truth is, Ibiza and Majorca both have their merits, whether you are looking for a week of culture, relaxation or partying.  You’d be hard pushed to find a better evening out than on an Ibiza holiday, whilst the beaches of Majorca are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Why not enjoy the best of both islands and take the short ferry journey between them. Happy holidays!




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