Gran Canaria: sunshine, sea and so much more…

Gran Canaria is one of our most popular holiday destinations and deservedly so; it’s one of the most beautiful Canary Islands, offering a superb climate all year round and some stunning stretches of sandy beach. Lovely weather, golden beaches and beautiful blue sea – perfect for families looking to enjoy some time together in the sunshine!

Another great feature that Gran Canaria has to offer is its array of family fun parks and attractions. These attractions are perfect for filling the days between splashing in the sea and lounging by the pool, when you’re looking for something a little different from your holiday. Be a cowboy for the day, make friends with some sea lions or step into the real-life world of Angry Birds… pretty cool, hey?

Children and adults alike with access to a smartphone have all, indefinitely, been bitten by the addictive flying bug that is Angry Birds. Who’d have known that destroying greedy pink pigs with a squadron of kamikaze birds could be so addictive? You can take this addiction to a whole new level at the Angry Birds Activity Park in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. There’s a range of activities available ranging from laser games to car racing, from climbing to skating. If you’ve got a kids’ birthday due whilst on holiday, book them a one-of-a-kind ‘Birdday’ party!

Aqualand (Maspalomas) is a water park like no other! It offers a world of water attractions and splash adventures for everyone in the family to enjoy. This includes water slides of all shapes and sizes, a relaxing slow river, Surf Beach, Children’s Paradise, adrenaline slides and even the chance to swim with sea lions. So whether you want swim like a shark, relax like a happy dogfish or ride the waves like a pro surfer, Aqualand is the perfect splash-ttraction for you.

Father with daughters on tropical slide


Holiday World is a theme park based in Maspalomas and makes a great destination for families seeking a break from the sea and sand. There’s a variety of fairground rides such as a rollercoaster, bumper cars, a sky drop, a pirate ship, a playground and pony rides. Lit up with colourful lights and a sense of theme park magic, Holiday World offers excitement and fun for all ages.

Have you ever seen a parrot riding a bicycle? Me neither! At Palmitos Park (Maspalomas) you can watch a beautiful array of these colourful and clever birds performing all sorts of tricks in the park’s parrot shows. The Butterfly House houses hundreds of rainbow-coloured, exotic butterflies, which flutter-by freely around the building. Palmitos Park is a sub-tropical oasis which is home to more than 200 species of bird, an aquarium, a dolphinarium and even a family of Gibbons, making it a lovely attraction for families wanting to pass a few hours doing something a little different.


Yee-hawwww! Mosey on down to Sioux City (Las Palmas) and find an authentic Western town full of adventure! Sioux City was original built in 1971 as a film set, meaning that everything here is an exact replica of the American Wild-West. With horse-back riding, paintball, a children’s play area, daily Western-themed shows and a zoo, there’s plenty on offer for a great family day out. The zoo is home to a very rare albino alligator, a selection of venomous reptiles and some amazing desert mammals such as racoons, Meercats and bison.

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