Goodbye January gloom, hello summer sunshine savings!

Shaking off the doom and gloom of January can be difficult but we have a fail safe way to shirk the misery and put a smile on your face. Book your 2014 summer holiday and save pennies whilst you do so!

The allure of the sunshine, the beckoning of sangria, the gentle lap of crystal waves on the shore… just thinking about being on holiday is enough to make us smile here at What makes our smiles even wider however is saving money whilst securing our summertime adventure into the sunshine. So without further ado, here’s our top tips list on how to bag the holiday of your dreams this year safe in the knowledge that you’ve made some great savings along the way….

  1. Keep your eyes peeled for special promotions and discounts such as our current Iberostar deals. You can save up to 30% off your holiday by booking early, meaning that the 4* holiday you’ve been lusting after just got that bit more affordable. Beautiful hotels + sunny destinations + fantastic savings = smiles all round!

Sunrise beach2. Sign up to as many e-mail newsletters as you can. Availability is key when it comes to finding and booking your dream getaway, so receiving deals and offers by e-mail means you’re the first to know about any upcoming savings. Being the first to know means being the first to book up those fantastic offers.

3. One word: competitions! Competition prizes can range from money-off vouchers right through to the whole shebang of holidays with flights and hotel included. Winning a competition is the ultimate way to save money on your holiday, so look out for our regular Where in the World Wednesday competitions on Facebook and more! You might not know this but we also run a fab competition for our reviewers; leave a review of your favourite hotel and you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw for that month.

4. Make the absolute most of low deposits. Securing your dream holiday for just £10 with means that you can steadily pay the rest of your balance off right up until 4 weeks before you travel. Our favourite thing about low deposits? Once your booking is made, even with £10, you lock down the great price you’ve found and it stays that way. Even if you spot the same deal slowly getting more expensive as your travel date nears – fear not! Your booking will stay at today’s prices – pretty cool hey?

5. My final tip is a little less hi-tech than the aforementioned but here goes… make yourself a holiday jar! Whether it’s an inconspicuous old glass jar in the kitchen or a magnificent multi-coloured tub decorated with pipe-cleaner planes and glitter-glue sunshine, grab a vessel and start saving. The holiday jar welcomes all types of currency: dirty old pennies, change that slipped into the netherworld of your car long ago, a winning scratch card you’ve not yet cashed, last year’s leftover Euros. Pop it in as you find it or set yourself a monthly challenge of saving a certain amount specifically for the jar and we guarantee that by the time it’s time to fly, you’ll be a little more in pocket than you were expecting. Maybe it’ll be enough to buy a round of ice-creams, maybe it’ll fund your holiday supply of sun cream, or maybe there’ll be enough to pay for that excursion you fancy… who knows! Maybe even keep the jar going until you’re ready for your next holiday! All savings well spent we feel.


***Congratulations to our Facebook Fan Lesley Andrews for correctly guessing our Where in the World Wednesday post as Zante/Zakynthos in Greece! Please follow the instructions in the  Facebook message so that we can send you your £100/100€ voucher***

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