Game of Thrones: Spot the Location

It’s back! After a long wait, Game of Thrones Season 6 is back on our screens tonight. (9pm, Sky Atlantic)

As always, the cast and crew have been filming in locations across the globe to bring us the best possible scenery and landscapes. We’ve taken a look at the five main locations that have been used to film Season 6 – surprisingly, Croatia makes only a small appearance this year compared to Dubrovnik’s starring role in previous episodes.

If you spot the location and can identify exactly where the filming took place, let us know!


Let’s start with everyone’s favourite holiday destination! Rumour has it, the cast and crew filmed in five different Spanish locations to bring you some dramatic scenes for Season 6. Of these locations, Zafra Castle might be the most telling in terms of the story that is about to unfold. This 12th Century castle is located on a large rock face in the Vega de Zafra, surrounded by sloping meadows and sandstone. Think open courtyards, high towers and great views of the surrounding countryside – we can only imagine what is going to take place here!

Game of Thrones SPAIN


Known for its distinctive Old Town, Dubrovnik has once again been used to film this much-loved TV programme. Located in southern Croatia and fronting the Adriatic Sea, the city is otherwise famous for its views of the clear blue surrounding waters and for its excellent seafood restaurants. Peak season runs through July and August, so if you’re looking to soak up the rays without the crowds, try booking your stay for just before or just after these months.

Game of Thrones CROATIA


With plenty of dramatic scenery just asking to be featured, Game of Thrones returns to Iceland this season for more chilling moments! If you’re expecting heavy snowfall to feature when you visit, head out between October and April – these are also peak months for viewing the Northern Lights. May-September is actually ‘peak season’ for tourism in the country, but be prepared for snowfall to have given way to grassy landscapes and a glimpse of sun. Either way, Iceland is continually increasing in popularity with tourists and promises a great getaway!

Game of ThronesICELAND(2)


The country of maple syrup, great lakes and hockey will be gracing our screens this season as the cast returned to film for a brief period. Offering up multiple city break options as well as great skiing and mountain retreats, this country never disappoints. Summer is peak travel time and the warm weather encourages many to head for the hills and relax in lakeside cottages where hiking, biking, water sports and other adventurous activities are extremely popular.
Game of Thrones CANADA


Last, but by no means least, Game of Thrones have of course used Ireland as a backdrop for their great show. Since the first glimpse of the Emerald Isle in the popular show, the country has been inundated with visitors opting to take part in the Game of Thrones tour. If this is on your list when you next visit Belfast, be sure to book in advance as it’s a very popular option!

Game of Thrones IRELAND(2)

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